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DRAFT: New Year’s Resolutions

I like making NY resolutions. And I like setting goals and achieving them. I have been really really busy lately that I have not yet taken time to sit down, make a list and evaluate which ones are doable. Here goes..

Read leadership books. I realized that I devour parenting and housekeeping books and magazine but I don’t invest time in reading  books that will enhance my skills professionally. For 2013, my goal is to read one management book per quarter. If I can read more, then all the better. I am done with the first book.  🙂 DOABILITY – 4/5

Monetize this blog. I just want to place ads especially Nuffnang ads. I was researching about the WordAds feature of WordPress but I learned that the earnings are not significant. Thank you, Leah for answering my questions! I have two options. First get a host and transfer to  I have no idea how much hosting costs though and I don’t want to spend much. Two, transfer to Blogspot. Nuninuninu.  Haaay. I want to have ads but I don’t want to market. Meaning, I don’t want to promote myself in Facebook or anywhere else. Any tips? DOABILITY – 2.5

Be a little more conscious of how I look. In 2010, I bought new clothes, mostly blouses. While the top part of my outfit I think is okay, the bottom half is so so. My pants are either too long or too baggy. And I don’t have nice everyday shoes. Over the holidays, I bought 2 new pairs of denim pants and organized the few accessories that I have. I also rediscovered St Francis Square. Franco and I might go shopping this weekend. Hopefully, this is the year when I finally learn how to wear skirts. DOABILIY – 3

Learn how to medidate. Last year, I had several anxiety attacks. I would wake up in the middle of the night, that is if I ever get to sleep at all, feeling very worried about things. My goal is to make 50 reps of  breathing exercises every morning.  DOABILITY – 3/5

Family-wise, I am quite satisfied with how I am as a wife and mommy. Maybe I should nag less. But sometimes my children namely Franco and Aki, deserve my nagging. Hehe. Maybe I could try practicing putting myself on time out when these boys upset me.  Oh, I know, this year I ought to give my mom a call at least once a week.  DOABILITY – 3/5

Financially, 2012 was a good year for us because we got our goals aligned and worked on them. Thank you by the way to those who expressed interest in my stock market post. I will try to blog about mutual funds soon. Since my focus now is reading for professional enhancement, I will be buying less books and magazines from Booksale, the number 1 enemy of my wallet. Franco has always been looking for ways to be better at what he does and has a collection of leadership books. I don’t need to buy. This year, I will limit my Booksale puchases to 6 books or magazines per month. DOABILITY – 4/5

There are other things that I want to do this year… learn how to run… attempt to put on lipstick more regularly… find a spiritual advisor…make sure the house is not a mess… get a massage every month… make new friends…have a garage sale..  And so on and so on.

Make this list is both relaxing and exciting. I still need to evaluate which ones will I keep. Cheers to a bigger and brighter and inspired 2013 to all of us!

17 thoughts on “DRAFT: New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Hi Maqui! Thanks for the mention! You might want to check out Jayme of ( I think she can be your ticket to having a self-hosted WordPress blog with ads to boot!

    And research ka pa about Blogspot. I think they’ve changed the rules already and only those with really high number of visitors can be allowed to put ads. But I forgot na the number.

    Thing is, if you have long-term plans for your blog, then it’s best to transfer na to My 3 favorite blogs: The Bag Hag Diaries, Chuvaness and all have as platform =)

    I too plan on transferring to and having a make over for my blog. Makikiuso na rin ako hehe! Sabay na tayo mag-shop ng WordPress developer!

    1. Leah! I am so happy for you! I really love the new look of your blog. I am just trying to organize my thoughts pero one of these days, i will send you a long list of questions. or maybe, you can make a how-to post. Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Maqui! I may not regularly comment but I have always been impressed on how you handle the financial aspect of your family. I admire how you were able to prioritize and implement financial management. I guess this is the weakness of most Filipinos, which include me 🙂 I appreciate your posts about money and thrift shopping too. I’m quite shy to admit it but you are one of my pegs in money management.

  3. Hi Maqui! Re: monetizing your blog, here are my two cents.

    I am actually aiming for the same thing that’s why I transferred from to Aside from hosting, you also need to pay for your website’s name. And then if you want to have it customized, shell out another payment. And oh yeah, mas limited din ang space mo so kelangan resize-resize pa ng photos. Also when I was still on, andami ko agad followers na walang hirap because of the wordpress network. sa, solo flight ka na.

    Time-wise, nakakaubos din talaga ng oras!There are endless plug-ins to choose from.

    Plus, the mommy blog niche is kinda cramped. Ang hirap na for me na sumingit. Honestly, it’s tiring to try hard to monetize your blog.

    I also do not want to write companies to ask them to sponsor, so no choice ako kundi sa Facebook mag-promote ng blog ko. Actually, my friends like the fact that I blog because it updates them daw kung ano’ng nangyayari sa amin. When we see each other kahit once a year, relate sila agad sa kwento ko because they read the background on my blog.

    So what do I advice? Hehe, ewan! Basta ako ginastusan ko na so itutuloy ko na lang. Bahala na. Isipin ko na lang outlet ko ang blog ko, and I meet mommy friends because of my blog 🙂

  4. You can check for sponsored hosting. Once approved, it will be free for a year, I think, and it costs P50 per year (?). It is also powered by wordpress, so there should not be much of an adjustment. You can also transfer everything, all comments and such from the old blog to the new.

  5. I want to monetize my blog too, Maqui! Turuan mo ko pag alam mo na ah!

    And for the skirt, go for the gold! You have a fab legs! So may K ka! 🙂

    And I want to learn mutual funds too! Yan ang target namin ni Cj this year. Looking forward for your new post about this.

    And the rest, I know, kering keri mo yan sis! Ikaw pa! 😉

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