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2012: The Year that Was

A couple of hours before we officially welcomed 2013, Franco and I sat down to write ourselves a holiday card. We started this tradition in 2010. The idea is to reminisce the highlights and lowlights of the current year.


Looking at the card, 2012 was a good year for us. In fact, when we were already in the lowlights part, we could only think of a few things. See notes on the side.


So what were the highlights?




Health wise, 2012  is the year that Aki got hospitalized. We learned that Franco has elevated blood pressure. For me, physically, not much but emotionally, it could have been better. When I was younger, I was such a worry wart and had tendencies to get really depressed over simple things. Unfortunately, those tendencies came back last year. Good news is that our family is doing something about these health issues. Aki is eating better. He gets inspired to eat because I tell him that rice/meat/green leaves/orange carrot/soup makes him stronger/braver/taller/run faster/kick higher. Franco is more conscious now in terms of what he eats and tries his best to exercise more regularly. And me, I started bringing a notebook with me so that I can objectively look at my issues and come up with action plans.

Financially, last year was the best. No, our salaries did not grow exponentially. However, thanks to our wealth management resolution, Franco and I got our goals aligned and started investing wisely. Special thanks to our financial adviser Efren Cruz who has been giving us sound advice up to now.

Professionally, Franco finally got a day job. It is been my wish for him from the very beginning. Last year, my role expanded when my little team started handling hiring requirements for foreign language speakers (If you know of anyone who is interested to explore his options, let me know).  For the longest time, I have been hiring for support and managers.  Recruitment to me is more than just meeting the numbers. It is also about being a puzzle solver, looking for that missing piece that will complete the set. It is about building better and stronger teams. During our last HR Christmas party, I had this I am-so-happy-because-everyone-is-so-happy moment with myself. I felt deep satisfaction seeing how fun and supportive the different HR teams were because somehow, I was part of building our HR team. I am fortunate to work with clients who see me as a business partner who always is a call or email away. Last year, I even got a non-business related call from one of the managers I hire for. He wanted my opinion on the colleges that he has shortlisted for his daughter.

Anyhoo, back to foreign language hiring, I gained a lot of new friends, learned a lot from different cultures and my hires ( I love them all to bits), made me really feel appreciated.  This year, I will have more people reporting to me. My wish is for me to be able to make them see recruiting the way I do.

On the home front, Ate Dorina has been with us for 9 months! Woot woot! After a string of bad luck, our helper now, although not perfect, cares about us as much as we care about her.  We had to deal with Aki’s terrible twos stage but there more laughter, hugs and kisses than cries and screams. He started school and can’t be more excited to see his classmates everyday. Now that Franco is no longer on the graveyard shift, we get to have more Fridates.

Last year, Franco finally got his blue belt in jujitsu. He has been training so hard for it the past couple of years and finally he got his heart’s wish. My favorite hobby, blogging, has been very rewarding in more ways than one. In 2010, I used to get an average of 50 views per day. In 2011, it jumped to 170. Last year, this blog was visited 360 times on an average everyday. Thank you to everyone who read this silly mummy’s diary. More rewarding than the page views, I have met new friends thru blogging.  I can proudly say that my new friends are not just online friends but real friends who genuinely care. You know who you are. Thank you so much for the friendship and thank you in advance for the Christmas movie that you will burn for me, for the kikay tips,  for the ref magnet and for the mini cupcakes and cakepops. In 2013, I am thinking of monetizing this secret blog. WordPress finally came out with ad options. We’ll see.

I am excited to see what this new year will bring.  Here is to waking up every morning, excited for the new day ahead.


PS. This is the view from our room a little before 6AM every day.

18 thoughts on “2012: The Year that Was

  1. Kailangan ko din ang wealth management na yan! Naging magastos ako last year! eeeeeeeeeek! Wishing you more blessings to come this 2013 and the coming years!

  2. Yay, di ko alam na teary eyed ako while reading this post. wahaha. (nasobrahan ata ako ng kain kaninang lunch). Happy for your new challenges Maqui! Happy for all of us! May 2013 be better, brighter and bigger! (tataya na ako sa lotto talaga)

  3. Happy new year Maqui, Fafa Franco, and Baby Uod Aki! Looking forward for more wonderful playdates and mommy dates!

    P.S. nice view! I wish we have that kind of view as well! Puro bubong ang view namin sa room eh! Hihihi

  4. Wow Maqui! We’re thinking of same thing. I’ve been thinking about monetizing the blog too but since it’s WordPress there are a lot of restrictions. I’m glad to know they have ad options now. Will check that out!

    Hope your 2013 will be full of amazing blessings!

  5. What a great year for you Maqui! And thanks for making me a part of it 🙂 Yes, you should monetize your blog coz you have so many followers and inspire so many moms. You’re the queen of traditions and DIY!!!! See you soon! 🙂

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