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Hanako: Our Current Favorite Japanese Resto

Whenever there are businesses that close down here in Dona Soledad in Bicutan, Franco and I feel bad. Whenever there are new stores and restos that are thriving, we silently celebrate their success. We love this neighborhood. As much as we can, we try to support our own. We tried spending our Fridates, discovering the  carinderia, milk tea shops and restaurants in our area. One of our beloved food joints here was  Little Tehran, a little Indian resto. We loved the biryani and the kebabs. Too bad, it closed some months after we discovered it. The space became Pollo Chello, which also did not last long. Then it became Wing-It. That also lasted for less than a year. Now, that little space near the entrance to Sun Valley, is occupied by Hanako Express. My good friend, shuttle-mate and fellow Better (living) girl, Macy had positive reviews for the Moonwalk branch.  Once it opened, I don’t think I ever saw the Hanako Dona Soledad branch empty. It was always packed. Compared to the other restos that occupied the space, Hanako is well lit and seems very inviting. Franco and I were really excited for this new place.


Last month, we finally got to eat there. It was supposed to be a light sushi and maki date since we just ate dinner. The food was so good we ended up having another meal.


Here is what we ate. Again, take note, we just had dinner 30 minutes before.

Miso soup. I am not a fan of miso but this I really liked. I also enjoyed watching “clouds” in the soup.


Cute shade of pink.


Gyoza. We had three orders of these.




I wanted to cancel my order of Japanese salad but  it was already too late. I thought there was no more space in my stomach. This salad proved me wrong. I finished it. Gluttony at its best.  Hubby who does not eat cucumbers liked this salad too.

Does anyone know who to cut cucumbers into very thin strips like those below?


Here is what we wolfed down minus the first plate that we devoured.


Best of all, the total bill was only PhP600+! We will definitely be back!

Hanako Express

8280254 and 3845825 (Moonwalk) / 5010189 (Dona Soledad)

Armstrong St. Moonwalk Phase 1, Paranaque City AND Dona Soledad St., Brgy Don Bosco, Paranaque City,

Mon – Sun: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

12 thoughts on “Hanako: Our Current Favorite Japanese Resto

  1. Inggit talaga ako sa gastronomic choices meron sa Pque! (parang andami lang bakeshops and restos na masasarap dyan!) re: cucumbers, I think they used a tool dyan sis. minsan nabebenta yan sa SM yung multi tool na nagka cut iba ibang shapes. Pero kaya naman gawin by hand kung matyaga ka. you just need to take out the seeded part then cut mo muna into thin flat slices and then cut then into even strips. (haba ng comment, mangengealam a kasi talaga sa cucumber cutting wahaha)

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