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Starting 2013 Backlog-Free


I had this wish of starting 2013 backlog-free. That is one big wish that even a thousand genies plus Santa can’t grant. Lemme see. Here are the topics that had been on my head for some time now

– Favorite Memories from My Childhood. Sis and I had SMS and email exchanges reminiscing the years when we were still young, pampered and each other’s number 1 enemy. I wanted to write a list of experiences that I also want Aki to have while he is still a kid.

– Top 30 Moments of My Life. I was supposed to blog about this topic in time for my 30th birthday last month

– Why We Love Aki’s School. I think this post will be helpful since I notice that a lot of people land on this blog after googling Paranaque Preschool

– Things I learned about Mutual Funds. I started investing in MF’s when I was only 24. That was for 2 years and it was only this year when I started investing again. Mutual funds may sound intimidating but it’s really not. Did you know that unlike before when the holding period was for 2 years, now it is only at 6 months?

– How I Try to Control Impulse Buying and other Tipid Tips. This might not be very timely because these past few weeks we’ve been spending spending spending! But if there is one tip I want to share, that is check your patterns and change your route. My weaknesses are BookSale and Japan Home. I used to pass by these stores everyday. By changing my route going home, I am able to avoid temptation.

– Eyeballs! We met Ann and Moymoy at Franco’s nephew’s party in September. Last October, I finally met the oh-so-talkative Sha of Kikay Mommy Sha blog. We had an impromtu lunch with Marsy. Then last month, we had a fun fun fun playdate with Sha, Maggie, Aimee and their gorgeous kids at Ayala Triangle.

– Chinese-inspired party for Baby Dumpling.

– My birthday brunch at Mom and Tina’s

– Our Manila Zoo playdate with Faye and Maia

– Our All Sous’ Day weekend with my paternal side of the family

Whatelse? I am sure I am missing other drafts.. Hmmm..

– OH! Aki’s Wiggly Worm school party and the simple celebration we had at home with our families.

For now, let me dump Aki’s pictures that I have wanted to blog about

5pageAki: Dysor hands ako ( I have dinosaur hands) –> Sometime Oct0ber


Left: Aki – Happy Feet!  —> Sometime October

Right: Aki – Bye, Happy Guy! –> Sometime October


Left. Yikes! I forgot what was this drawing supposed to be.

Right. Sometime in September, Aki said this is a dinosaur. Yesterday, he told me he wants to be a T-rex… or an armadillo.


August. When Aki got back from the hospital, he used to ask me to make a cave out of pillows every time he was sleepy.

Late October. Aki loved the Mr. Popper’s Penguins movie. 10page

Left. Also in October… Hmmm, can’t remember the story behind this picture. Morning trampoline perhaps?

Still in October. Aki was playing with his “flute”1page

Cant remember when were these pictures taken. Probably in June or July.

Left: Me: Saan na yun bill? (Where is the bill?) Aki: I eat ice cheam ( I am eating ice cream)


Me: Ateeeeh! Bakit pinaglalaruan ni Aki ang mga paracetamol!!!! (Ate, why are the paracetamols with Aki!!!).

What’s that. Aki?

Aki: Aki house. Babita house. Bumbay house.

Me: Ate!!! Kung ano ano tinuturo mo sa anak ko!

Aki, you can call them neighbors.


From October to November, Aki was deeply in love with his soap collection. To this day, he prefers to use Irish Spring during bath time because according to him, Irish Spring is the soap for big boys like him.


Both in October.

Left: Aki went home really sad. He just came from my in-laws. During the walk, he found a big worm that was ran over by a car.

Right: Aki likes standing on his potty and say “I am Gin Gabin! ” ( I am Green Goblin), extend his arms and say a breathy  “Raaaaaagh!”


I love Aki to bits! But he can be quite annoying. Example.

I often leave work late on Fridays, my official OT-to sawa day. If Franco’s schedule will permit, we will go on a date before heading home. Naturally, I would prefer to wake up later than usual on Saturday.  Aki has this habit of pulling the curtain and saying “Morning Na!!!”, much to the dismay of his sleepy parents.

I try to give my undivided attention as much as possible on weekends. However, I prefer to take a bath in peace. Here, Aki just said: For you, Mummy!. Can’t remember why I brought the cam to the bathroom, though.

Now for more recent antics..


Aki has officially named the stools in Booksale as “My Box”. As soon as we step in, he asks us or the salespersons “Where’s my box?”

We have a new bonding activity during bath time. Once Aki’s hair is full of shampoo bubbles, we stand in front of the mirror and style his hair. Aki likes the mohawk which he called dinosaur hair.


This is how our living room looks like on a regular day.


Aki was very proud of his “rocketship” Too bad, the blinking lights inside the cup is not obvious in the picture.  12page

The picture on the left was taken after I demanded Aki to take a sip on the glass. I found him pouring milk on an already overflowing glass. When I asked him what was he doing he said “Iz bookey-num” (It’s a volcano!)

Still on milk. I asked Aki what was he eating. He said “taho melk” (taho milk).


Did you also had one of these when you were still a kid? Were your feet this dirty too??


Isn’t GIF the coolest thing? I just can’t remember if Aki said he was a spider or a cockroach.

Wheeew! Wishing all of you, especially mt blogger friends, a backlog free 2013!

8 thoughts on “Starting 2013 Backlog-Free

  1. I envy you sooo much! Buti ka pa, you get to document all of the crazy antics of you son, Aki .. You’re the greatest mommy ever sis! I adore you both so much! 😀

  2. I wish that too, Maqui! I love the gif picture of Aki! Astiiig!

    And the dinosaur blocks made by Aki! Antaray! And I realize ganun pala katindi ang care ni Aki sa mga tebulats, such a kindhearted kid. To be honest, when I was a kid pinapatay ko lng din ang mga worms na nakikita kasi nga takot ako sknila. Sobra!

    Anyhoot, happy new year Familia Kiki!

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