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Last Leg of Gift Wrapping 2012

Again, special thanks to my officemates who helped me collect brown paper bags from Ministop. Without your help, your gifts would had been beautifully wrapped using plastic sando bags. Haha.

Since the popsicle molds did not come with boxes, they were more challenging to wrap. I thought of using brown paper bags so I don’t to make a lot of folds. To prettify the bags, I added pinwheels which were very easy to make. If you have colorful paper, single hole puncher, scissors and fasteners, you can make a pinwheel in less than a minute.


If Aki did not try to help, I probably finished wrapping 10 popsicle molds in 15 minutes instead of 30.


For the last batch of gifts, I cut triangles and diamonds, glued them to a string and voila… fiesta themed gift wraps.


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