Akisms: Of Babies and Bad Guys

I caught Aki playing with a pretend gun.

Me : Di ba ayoko ng naglalaro ka ng baril? Mummy does not like it when you play with guns, remember?
Aki: No mommy. Save ko baby from bad guys No, Mummy. I am saving the baby from the bad guys.


Anytime now, Aki is going to be a kuya. My sister-in-law Mae will be giving birth in a couple of days. Our whole family is excited for our baby girl.

Me: Anong kakantahin mo para kay baby pag lumabas na siya sa tummy ni Tita? What will you sing for the baby when she comes out of Tita’s tummy?
Aki (after thinking for 5 seconds): Ice, ice, baby. Ice, ice baby….


Aki was on time-out for not listening. When his violation is mild, I just ask him to step outside of the house and stay in the garage or side garden for several minutes. He sits in his time out chair until his time is up. The door is left open. The only difference of the time-out when his behaviour is truly unacceptable is that our door is closed. I can’t remember what he did  but he got a closed door time-out. While crying, he pressed his hands against the window and said:
Aki: Pasok na ako fis! Kuha ako bad guys. Let me in please. The bad guys are gonna get me!


Aki recently learned how to open our gate and tried going out by himself! This boy almost gave me and Ate Dorina a heart attack! We had a lengthy discussion on why he is not allowed to go out alone. At first I told him that he might be sold or that he might be forced to beg. I noticed that I was not making any connection with Aki. His mind seemed to be elsewhere. But when I told him that the bad guys will make him sleep on the floor when he is sleepy, eat rocks when he is hungry and watch the news when he wants to watch TV, he finally listened and understood that he should not let  strangers take him away. I taught Aki to shout “Help! Not my daddy!” if someone wants to kidnap him.

Me: Wag ka na uli lalabas ng gate ha. Baka kunin ka ng bad guys.  Don’t go outside the gate again, ok? The bad guys might get you.
Me: What will you do if someone tries to get you?
Aki: Ihi ako mommy paya dooo-las bad guys. I am going to pee on my shorts so the bad guys will slip and go tumbling down.


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