No-Bake Salt Dough Ornament

Fail! That is the best word to describe this project.

After mixing hot water, salt and flour, we kneaded the dough for just a minute or two. The original recipe called for 5 minutes or more, can’t really remember because I was not paying attention.


We excitedly cut stars and cupcakes using our cookies cutters. I learned too late that the kneading actually improves the texture and makes the dough easier to cut.


We did not forget to use a straw to poke a hole.


Most salt dough recipes require 4-6 hours of baking to completely dry out the ornaments. I did not want to use that much gas. I had a light bulb moment after overheating a pandesal in the microwave. Don’t you just hate it when your bread comes out rock hard? Next time, use a oven toaster to heat your bread and microwave your salt dough ornaments instead.  I was thrilled to see that other bloggers have used their microwaves for their dough projects and were actually happy with the outcome.

Unfortunately, I did not have the same success. After a couple of minutes on high setting in the microwave, my ornaments looked and smelled burnt. Haha. Some portions of the ornaments also bulged.


On our second try, we learned that heating the dough in medium heat setting and checking every 30 seconds improve the results. I also read too late that putting a microwave-able heavy plate on top of the ornaments during the heating, eliminates the bulging problem.


We used acrylic paint but I was not happy with the coverage. Maybe, poster paint will work better.

After painting the ornaments, we hung them outside to dry. As if this project was really never meant to be, it rained and our ornaments got wet.  I wish I took a picture of the almost finish product. Oh well, maybe we will revisit this project next year.


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