Memoirs of a Mummy

Kuya Aki and Emily

One of Aki’s current obsessions is being a kuya (older brother, cousin, male friend). He particularly wants a baby girl who according to Aki will be named Emily, after Yellow Power Ranger. Maybe because of his Kuya Tos, Kuya Joaquin and Kuya Rocky, Aki thinks being a kuya means being big, strong, and independent. In his world, kuyas save little babies from the bad guys. Whenever there are smaller children who play with him, he is thrilled to practice how to be a kuya.


Lately, he showed me how much he really wants to be a kuya by putting a pillow inside my shirt and pretending to talk to, kiss and hug  baby Emily.


11 thoughts on “Kuya Aki and Emily

  1. I remember how Kuya Aki would try to calm Lucas if he’s crying. Ang sweet. He was even kissing Lucas yesterday sa may fish pond. 🙂 ready na sya to be a kuya Maqui!

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