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An Edible Christmas Wreath



Last month, Aki’s school asked us to make a homemade wreath.  I wanted the wreath to look DIY-ed so store-bought baubles were out of the question. I initially chose among coffee filters, small gifts, paper cones and colorful straws. In the end, I decided to go with something edible.


Popcorn! It was Aki’s first time to eat popcorn. His main contribution, aside from not eating all of the popcorn, was separating the burnt ones from the whites.

First, cut a whole on the paper plate


… and glue away


For the final touch, I added a gold crepe paper bow.


Merry Christmas!

14 thoughts on “An Edible Christmas Wreath

  1. WOW!! I envy your creativeness!! as in!! di ko maisip gawing wreath ang popcorn!! alam ko lang kainin yan!! hahahaha..
    kaya I love reading your posts e.. hehehehe.. 🙂
    Naku, di ko pa din nagagawa ung liebster award.. good luck saken. hehehe Thanks btw. 🙂

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