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Vet for a Day

Last weekend, Aki accidentally hurt a butterfly. I know it was an accident because he was only trying to show it the way out of our house. I told Aki that to show that he is really sorry, he needs to be a veterinary for a day. I asked him what sick animals need. He said they need food. I remembered from our trip to Lost Eden that butterflies like watermelon slices which we had in the ref.

We placed the injured butterfly on top of the watermelon cube and watched it feed. Aki sang for the butterfly and played sleepy music.

We let the poor thing rest in the laundry area. After 30 minutes, it already moved!

We left the house to attend our first ever Christmas party for the year. When we came home 5 hours later, the butterfly was gone. It was strong enough to fly again! Yey! Good job, Vet Aki!

PS. This is Aki as he tried to stuff a banana inside my mouth last weekend when I was sick. He also instructed me to inom dami dami tubig (drink lots of water)

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