The Gift of an Ordinary Weekend

One minute is the apple of my eye. Then on the next, he is the pebble on my shoe! I love weekends at home but when Aki has been testing my patience, all I wish for is for him to finally take his nap. He already went on time out twice. I already  said No and Stop at least 50 times in the last 2 hours. It was when I finally gave up on getting him to sleep that I saw how exciting that afternoon was for him.


Aki: I ipis, Mommy! (I am a cockroach, Mommy!)

Aki: I’m Green Goblin.

I hate it when he says that because it is almost sure that he is going to throw something

An impromptu song

Me: Want another time-out?

Aki: I’m bed! (I am a bed!)

I am fishing shark!

Ninja ninja!

Is he finally tired?


Aki (referring to the slippers): Same or diffint? (same or different?)

Playing with his shadow

Me: Aki, slippers!!

Another impromptu song

Me: What are you doing there little boy?

Aki: Piggy….. pooooopsieeeeee!

Did you get what just happened? Aki removed the plug of his piggy bank and shook it like crazy until all the poop (coins) went out. He did this 4 times

Me: Why did you throw my phone?

Aki: Chasebod time! (Skateboard time!)


Finally, he is sleepy..


6 thoughts on “The Gift of an Ordinary Weekend

    • Ay, sinabi mo pa. hilig niya gumawa ng imbentong mga kanta. while he got his dad’s interest in music, it looks like nakuha naman niya ang lack of talent ko. hehehe

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