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My Longest Post Ever aka the Liebster Award

I got the Liebster award from 4 of my favorite bloggers. I am so tired and hungry from answering 44 questions so I am copy-pasting the mechanics from Maggie’s blog:

Here are the rules for passing the award:

1. Each person must list 11 things about themselves.
2. Recipient of the award must answer the 11 questions of the person who tagged you.
3. Come up with 11 questions that you want 11 persons, whom you will nominate, to answer.
4. Link the blogs you nominated in your post.
5. Go to their page and inform them about the award.
6. Absolutely NO tags back. Remember only to tag bloggers with less than 200 followers.

My answers…

From Pepper

1. What is your favorite comfort food?
I love Burger Machine’s Double Longganiza Burger with Egg!

2. For dessert, cake or ice cream? Why?
Cake definitely! Cakes are more interesting because the baker can play with the design and texture.

3. The beach or the mountains? Why?
I am not an adventurous person so beach is my answer. I also get tired easily and don’t like anything slippery. One of the worst experiences of my elementary years was when we trekked Mount Makiling.  Although I must say, I am also not a beach person. I am more of a hilata-sa-sofa person.

4. Whats good about blogging?
I think it is very therapeutic to blog because doing so allows the blogger to stop and reflect on what happened. Having something to look back at would be a treasure for the future. Blogging also gives me a sense of accountability for my life. Having a blog inspires me to spend more time and energy on what makes me happy and feel fulfilled.

Someone I know died unexpectedly this year. She was one of the most loved and admired people at work. We can go on and on on why we love her. My wish is for her children to know her the way we do. Her death inspired me to blog regularly so that if something happens to me, Lord wag po, the people I care about will know me the way I want to be remembered.

5. Whats not so good about it?
Hmm.. This is just me. I think the more time I spend online, the less time I spend offline. And it is the offline life that is more important, right? That is why I am limiting my online social presence. No Instagram, no Twitter, no Pinterest etc. I only have this blog and my boring Facebook page.

6. Who or what serves as your inspiration when writing a post?
Aki, Franco, friends, family, fellow bloggers and as morbid as it sounds, dying.

7. How long does it usually take you to write a post?
Shortest probably is 10 minutes even for an almost wordless post. That is because lately, I am enjoying editing pictures and looking for the best place to put my watermark. I have drafts that have been in my head for months.

8. What makes a certain photo blog post worthy?
If it will make you smile some months or years from now, go!

9. How long have you been blogging?
2.5 years. I started blogging March of 2009. I actually wish I started blogging when I was still preggers.

10. What inspired you to pen a blog?
These blogs are my inspirations.

Pochainginamo blog inspired me to have a repository for Aki’s antics.

Enyong the Small Things blog inspired me to enjoy the small things

Anna’s Bluelawbyanna (I miss your posts!!) inspired me to blog, not for the hits, popularity, sponsored ads or the freebies, but for documentation sake. Anna, miss ko na talaga ang posts mo!

11. Whats the story behind your blog name?
All our names end with -ki (Franky, Maqui and Aki)

From Em

1. Name a book you would read over and over again?
Do Aki’s books count?  I love You Are My I Love You. I am not an “adult” book reader. I get bored easily. I only like magazines.

2. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Shoes that I wear regularly – 3. I have one pair of running shoes and 4 formal shoes (mostly gifts from my sister) that are gathering dust. Total number – 8.

3. What chore do you absolutely love doing?

4. What personality trait/s do you dislike in other people?
I don’t like it when people get in a bad mood easily e.g. traffic, reading a text etc.

5. What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?
Weird. I can’t think of any. PDA in high school?

6. If you have an extra hour today, how would you pass the time?
Play with Aki, definitely. If he is sleeping, update this blog.

7. Flats or Heels? Why?
Flats! I only wear heels when it is raining (my boots have 2 inch heels) and when I am in a formal event

8. If you could go back to any age for a day, what age would that be and why?
I want to be 26 and a new mom again. I had a terrible case of postpartum depression which made me feel worried and lonely when I should be savoring having a new baby in my arms

9. What is one job you thi nk you’d be absolutely terrible at?
Cashier. First let me say that I am good in Math but I can’t do the, give-me-5-pesos-and-I-will-give-10 without a calculator or a pen and paper. Oh , and anything that involves public speaking

10.What is your favorite film of all time?
I am not a movie person either. I am so boring, noh? Can’t think of one now but I have seen Taken 1 at least 8 times already and I don’t mind watching it again.

11.In five words or less, how do you want your readers to perceive you?
The idea of having “readers” makes me feel uneasy because first of all, I am no writer. Unlike writers, I don’t stop and think if “readers” will like  what I am about to say. I can’t imagine saying “my readers”. It is either people who read my blog or my online friends.I don’t mind if other people use that term but for me, if I were to say it, it is as if I am assuming that I have a following or that  I have influence over them. I don’t want to owe it to anyone to make sure that my entries are interesting or grammar&typo-error-free.

Anyhoot hoot, I just want to be remembered as… (Em, hirap naman nito!)…. hmm…let’s just put it this way. This blog is all about making and documenting memories. Haha. I think I did not answer the question.

From Maggie
1. If you have a slogan for yourself what would it be?
This too shall pass. I always try to remember that. When I am down, I tell myself, it won’t last. When I am happy, I try to savor every bit of that happiness.

2. What do you miss doing that you are not doing now?
I wish I can spend more time with my mom, sister, aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces. If only we can relocate closer to them.

3. What was the weirdest pregnancy or even non-pregnacy advice you received?
In our barrio, people believe in “bate”. A baby is believed to cry inconsolably if someone who has “bate” greets him. To stop or prevent the crying, that someone needs to make a cross sign on the baby’s tummy with his saliva! Yuck!

4. Shoes or bags?
Neither. I am that boring and losyang

5. What is your number one “Supermom” ability?
I can wake up at 6am ready to play even if I just slept at 4AM.

6. What is the best advice about motherhood did you receive?
Don’t close your eyes! So true! Babies grow up so fast. That is why my camera is rarely 5 seconds away from me when I am home.

7. Apart from home, where is the next best place for you?
Bayog, my home-barrio! and London!

8. What’s your morning routine?
Wake up at 5AM. Blog. Take a bath at 6AM. Kiss Aki and leave the house at 6:30AM. Commute to work. Dry my hair using the hand dryer in the office. Turn on my PC. Then, eat breakfast in my workstation. It is fight-fight-fight! mode after that.

9. What do you think your child will tell you after reading your blog ten years from now?
I hope he says thanks for documenting, Mameh!  Life is sweet!

10. What is your favorite dessert?
Brazo de mercedes! Be, if you are reading this, I want a slice now!

11. Why blog?
Please refer to my answer to Pepper’s 4th question.

From Sha
1. What is your proudest moment as a mother/wife?
Aki’s first day of school!

2. List the things you can’t never leave at home.
Phone, wallet, keys and a comb

3. What is the wildest thing you ever did?
I am so boring. Top of my head, I can only think of my Cosmo bridal shower.

4. What is the greatest lesson that you ever learned in your entire life?
Yes, naman. Ang lalim nito, Sha. See my answer to Maggie’s 1st question.

5. What is your favorite TV show? And why?
Candy Candy! How I wish it will be available in DVD soon.

6. What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?
At bakit ko gugustuhin I sulat yun dito?!! hahaha.

7. Why blogging?
See my answer to Maggie’s 11th question

8. Who are your inspirations in blogging?
Please refer to my answers to Pepper’s 10th question

9. In your own opinion, what is the secret of successful career? (And tindi nito!LOL)
The number of people who consider you as part of their success

10. What are the things you miss when you have become a mom/wife?
See my answer to Maggie’s 2nd question

11. Who is your favorite blogger?
Ay ang hirap nito! Let me share na lang my blog hopping routing. First, I go to N@wies Blogs to check updates from my fellow-n@wie bloggers.  Next I go to Mommy Fleur‘s. Aside from her post, I also check her blogroll if there new posts from my favorite famous blogs. Next, I go to Em’s blog to check if she has new posts or if our common online friends have something new in their blogs as updated in her blogroll.

11 Randon Things About Me

1. The songs Mambo # 5 and Nobody Nobody but You never fail to make me smile. Mambo # 5 coz it reminds me of my dorm days in UP and Nobody Nobody but you because it was the it song when I gave birth to Aki. I also like ABS CBN’s Star ng Pasko. It reminds me of the stress of taking care of a newborn baby and how much Aki has grown. On the other hand, the song, wait, I can’t remember the title,  I Let You Go I Let You Fly from Meteor Garden reminds me of feeling broken-hearted.

2. Today is my 30th birthday. I am celebrating it by lying in the sofa the whole day. I like throwing parties for other people but I don’t like it when the attention is on me.

3. One time, we ran out of milk for Aki. I diluted evaporated milk with water and gave it to him. Hahaha

4. I am good in Math but I hate English. I got a perfect score in the 2nd and 3rd long exams in my Math 17 back in my freshie year in UP.

5. For the last two years, I have been telling myself that I will buy an MP3 player so I can play Xmas songs. I forgot to buy one again yesterday.

6. I don’t have a bestfriend. Well, I had one, Jojie but she died in 2007. Whenever I am sad, I feel even more down (or is it downer) when I remember that I don’t have a BFF

7. Back in college, I was part of the Executive Committee of one of the most prestigious orgs in our college, the UP Psychology Society. I was the Library Chairperson. haha

8. I will never remember how to correctly spell itirenary, ingredients and liscence

9. The first cassette tape that I asked my mom to buy for me was Madonna’s Like A Prayer album. The same album has the song Cherish. My second cassette tape is Mga Kababayan Ko by Francis M.

10.What I like about being a girl is the opportunity to be a mother. What I don’t like about it is dealing with underarm hair. If only there is a pill that will make unwanted hair go away…

11. I am trying to learn how to cook but I can’t light a matchstick. I also do not know how to cook rice.

Finally! My turn to ask questions..

1. What was the first ever cassette tape that you asked your parents to buy for you?
2. What  quote have you read recently that moved you?
3. What did you discover about yourself this year?
4. What is the oldest post in your draft folder or in your head about? Why is it still unpublished?
5. Have you ever written a fan mail? Fine, if you want to deny, who is your most baduy crush growing up?
6. Which song never fails to make you smile?
7. What was the craziest thing that you did for love?
8. Rizal or Bonifacio?
9. What was the most what-were-you-thinking birthday gift that you received?
10. Tell me about a nice thing that you did for someone else lately?
11. Which words do you always misspell?

I am passing the award to

AC of Eysiliciousss

LJ of RememberSeptember
Helene of MrsMommyHolic
Vengilyn  of Vengieric
Juvy of MommyJuvs
Charm of PromdingChamimay
Racquel of Diary of a Newbie Mom
Mapi of Ryken’s Clubhouse
Trisha of Playtime Break
Alma of Annivgift
Dyaneh of Alphabet mom

and you! Yes, you! I would love to read your answers to my questions in the comments.

Happy Monday!

This entry took me 5 hours!!

16 thoughts on “My Longest Post Ever aka the Liebster Award

  1. I looove your answers sis!

    Like Aki, you never cease to amaze me! LOL =)

    Pa-sagot din ah, ang nice eh!

    1. What was the first ever cassette tape that you asked your parents to buy for you?
    – I don’t know which one was the first; it was either Eduardo Capetillo (Sergio ni Marimar) or Backstreet Boys! LOL.

    2. What quote have you read recently that moved you?
    – I also like, “This too shall pass.” Keeps me motivated and hopeful!

    3. What did you discover about yourself this year?
    – My betterhalf lost his job last October; I didn’t know I can support our family on my own! =)

    4. What is the oldest post in your draft folder or in your head about? Why is it still unpublished?
    – Hmmm? I don’t have time to blog na… I want to make a scrapbook for my baby girl, I just keep on forgetting to do it!

    5. Have you ever written a fan mail? Fine, if you want to deny, who is your most baduy crush growing up?
    – Eduardo Capetillo! Sergio! Yuck!

    6. Which song never fails to make you smile?
    – The Show, its such a cute and feel good song..

    7. What was the craziest thing that you did for love?
    – I could say, I’m a hopeless romantic. I make 10-things-i-love-about-you poem, video and song! With all my effort, its a good thing, we ended up together!

    8. Rizal or Bonifacio?
    – Bonifacio, buwis buhay eh!

    9. What was the most what-were-you-thinking birthday gift that you received?
    – It was a surprise birthday party set up by my closest HS friends and our guidance counselor on my 17th birthday! I almost blew it off because I was out on a date with my BF! =)

    10. Tell me about a nice thing that you did for someone else lately?
    – Being a CSR, I always do nice things to my customers! LOL

    11. Which words do you always misspell?
    – bureua? burueau? beauruea? ewaaaan!

  2. Hi Maqui,

    Happy, happy birthday 🙂
    Thank you for spending 5hours of your time answering our questions 🙂 I know time is something so precious for you lalo na if Aki is around. Kaya super thank you talaga. Anyway, this post made “your readers” , haha, know you better 😉 (Mas lalo pang dadami ang readers mo niyan) & that, I’ve realized that we have a few things in common. Watching Taken for example. Just when I thought na ako lng ang hindi nagsasawang panoorin yun, ikaw din pala 🙂 Taken 2 is out for downloading. Although mas maganda padin yung 1 for me.
    I also can’t believe that you hated English but you are good at math. Don’t get me wrong but people have this notion kasi diba that those who are good in English are bad at Math. Oo nga pla, I still owe you that letter from Franco. Hindi ko siya mahanap from my parent’s house. Hindi ko nlng siguro hahanapin baka magpakita siya sakin.

    Anywoot, I hope to see you soon. Kelan ba tyo huling nagkita? 7 or 8 years ago?! Hehehe

  3. OMG!!..When I read my name i was like, “are you kidding?” and then I panicked!!!!…hahaha
    I went back to the first part and re-read the rules!!! Even though I already read this from Akira and Everything Nice(EM)..:D

    Thank you!(blushing)LOL

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