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The Morning He Turned 3

Even if we were without a helper, Aki’s birthday celebration this year is relatively less stressful compared to last year’s. Maybe because I have already mapped out the traditions, I kinda already knew what to do. I pictured how that morning would be. Wake up at 5AM to get cupcake and candles and make the birthday web. Wait for Aki to wake up. Once he starts rolling, wake up the hubby and light the candles. Sing happy birthday and lead birthday boy to his gift.Let him open his first gift and eat his cupcake. Go downstairs and ask him to draw.  Before 8AM, ask neighbor’s helper to look after Aki while we get cake from Red Ribbon, give worm balloons to Party Tools, buy Jollibee breakfast, meet Kitkat for the cupcakes and go home. At home, picture taking with photog while waiting for pasta and drinks to arrive. At 10 AM, load stuff and at 10:30, go to school.

I thought it would be so hectic because there were so many people to meet. The morning was not as stressful as I expected. Thank you, Lowrd!

Oh, the birthday celebration actually started the night before when Aki and I looked at our old photos. The plan to print pictures and make a birthday scrapbook is, uhhm, still just a plan.

Where oh where did my baby go…

Web and gift, check!

Aki woke up before six. He was crankier than the Grinch. He was in no mood to blow any candles. After drinking milk, he went back to sleep.

Fifteen minutes later, he woke up and was his jolly not-so-old self.

After two rounds of birthday songs, he was ready to rip the web..

and open his gift. This time we have a proper gift, not like last year when all I had prepared for him was a banana.

At first, Aki was taking his time opening the gift. However, when he realized what was inside he got so excited and unwrapped his present fast.

Thank you hug for Daddy Dog (that is Franco’s name in my phone’s address book because some months back, Aki used to call us Mummy Dog and Daddy Dog). Franco actually bought the gift as early as November last year. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift but at that time, I felt Aki was not yet ready. At three, Aki is soooo ready for his first proper sword toy (Franco has 5 Japanese swords by the way).


He loved his gift so much that the cupcake was left untouched.

I can’t wait to post Aki’s uod school party but I am still waiting for the approval of Aki’s classmates’ parents to post the kids’ pictures here. I understand the confidentiality is a big issue for some so I sent the letters to my fellow moms yesterday. Hopefully, everyone says yes. Otherwise, I will have two almost identical posts. One without pictures and one with pictures but is password protected.

Happy Friday!

10 thoughts on “The Morning He Turned 3

  1. I hate to say this but I guess your little baby uod, Aki is already a big boy!

    And can I say I love your surprises for Aki? From the web, to the cupcake, and to the gift! Cool idea!

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