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Aki’s 3rd Birthday: Worm Puppets

This is my favorite project for Aki’s wiggly worm 3rd birthday school party.

Are these cute or are these cute?

I thought it would take me weeks to finish this project. The original plan was to sew eyes and mouths on velcro so the kids can change the faces of their puppets. Unearthing a pack of super glue when I was looking for needles was divine intervention. Interchangeable eyes and mouths? Who am I kidding? Knowing Aki, those little face parts would be gone in less than 15 minutes. After cutting my scrap felt cloths and deciding which cut outs would go together, I glued them to the socks. It was the trickiest part. I still have dried super glue in my nails until now.

socks from Divi – only 50 bucks for 3 pairs
Felt cloth
Super Glue

It is okay though. Seeing the happy faces of Aki’s classmates as they were playing with the puppets made my day. These are the same kids who covered their noses in disgust when I told them an hour earlier that Aki’s birthday is all about worms.

One last look at my cute worm creations.

7 thoughts on “Aki’s 3rd Birthday: Worm Puppets

  1. Watta brilliant idea, Maqui! This is definitely the cutest worm that I’ve ever seen!

    P.S. sana ganito nlang itsura ng worns in real life. Hehe

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