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The Annual Birthday Photo Tradition

is easier said than done! Read more about it here.

First, getting Aki to stay still for the camera is impossible. And two, when there are a lot of errands for the day,busy moms will forget all the poses.  I think we will be sticking to these three. They are the easiest to remember and recreate.


At the top of the stairs

My favorite, wearing Franco’s wedding barong.

oh what can 365 days can do?! I miss my small carry-able Aki.

6 thoughts on “The Annual Birthday Photo Tradition

  1. Hi Maqui! Reading about your boy growing up makes me senti & teary eyed too… My son is turning 8months in a few days & I cant help but imagine him all grown up and doing his own thing like Aki. And what you said about missing how your boy is carry-able…. Ay naluha na naman ako. Kasi now palang na he’s a baby I miss being able to cuddle him when I’m at work, naisip ko lang na what more when he’s big na. Son’s are truly a mother’s pride & joy.

  2. Aki is such a big boy! Feeling ko magkasing height lang kami! Hahaha! Cyber hugs and kisses to you Cutie Patootie, Aki! 🙂

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