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Third Day in Asian Hospital

By our third day in Asian Hospital, we already reached our quota for the number of cartoon shows that we can watch for the whole year. The view from our room was not so bad but my eyes were tired of staring at the window.

Hospital stays can be nerve wracking and boring at the same time. We needed to go out! If only we can sneak Aki out of the hospital. I thought it would be fun to look at the newly born babies but we were told that Aki can only stay in the 6th floor.

Aren’t these room markers cute?

I really like that the hospital made an effort to keep the floor kid-friendly. We also discovered that there is a pantry and in it is a water dispenser for everyone. Too bad, we already bought a lot of bottled waters. Parents of babies will also appreciate that there are several Avent sterilizers in the pantry.

Since there is not much to do, we settled in one corner where we watched people pass by and where we got silly for our camera.

This picture makes me sad though. My little boy is still too small for the smallest wheel chair. You can barely see his hair. He is just too young to be hospitalized

We ended the day by feasting on Franco’s favorite Chinese food. It was our daddy’s birthday.

Belated happy birthday, dear hubby.

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