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Super Easy, Super Cheap DIY Halloween and Worker Day Costume

One thing I really like about Aki’s school is that they have weekly themes. The lessons revolve around the theme. At the end of the week, they have activities that tie everything up.

One of the themes last September was People in the Neighborhood. Parents were instructed to have the kids go to school wearing outfits of their dream jobs. The MMDA outfit was not ready by then so I had to come up with another one. As expected, most of Aki’s classmates came as doctors. Aki’s costume stood out because he came as a…


Words can not explain how proud I was when teachers, parents, classmates and yayas gathered around my boy as he shouted Tahooooooo!

I did not blog about this earlier because I planned to reuse the costume for Halloween. Aki was a magtataho again for our village party, which I learned is where the costume contest really happens. Aki did not win but the loss got me excited and feeling challenged for next year.

Here is a close up on the costume.

Aki wore a hat and a towel over his shoulders. Of course, theΒ  taho containers completed the look. The cans also had a serving spoon and plastic cups.

For the worker day at school, Aki wore a plain sando and denim shorts. Too bad I was not able to take clear shots of him before we leftΒ  home. Every time I asked him to say taho, he kept saying Taaaa-eh. Oh yes, he is such a boy. Franco’s son indeed!

Anyhoo, to make the taho containers, we simply covered two tin cans with aluminum foil and attached them to an arnis stick.

Franco and I have a couple of ideas for next year’s worker day and Halloween. So exciting!

28 thoughts on “Super Easy, Super Cheap DIY Halloween and Worker Day Costume

  1. You’re really creative Maqui! Never would I have been able to thinknof this as a costume & pulled it off! I really admire your ideas & creativity. I learn talaga from your blog, its not a waste of time to read any of your entries since I pick up stuff from everything you write and I can relate to your thoughts pwera nalang when it comes to diy and creative stuff kasi I have no creative bone in my body. πŸ™‚ Aki looked like he thoroughly enjoyed himself! Galing ni Mommy! πŸ™‚

  2. you have the most creative mind ever! ang cute ni aki, talagang in character pa sha sa photos, hahaha! mawawalan ng trabaho si manong magtataho pag ganyan ka-cute ang makakasabay nya sa pagtitinda ng taho.

  3. It is so cool.. You have a creative mind indeed.. You inspire me Maqui.. I can’t wait for my little Allaine to go to school..

  4. Maqui!!!!!! I’m beyond impressed how you come up with so many nice and “cheap” ideas! Aki seems to be such a funny boy. I hope we could meet him soon!

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