Missing Mr. Spock

Now I remember why we like to keep Aki’s hair long.

Oh what hair can do. He looks older when his hair is short. I miss Mr. Spock.


2 thoughts on “Missing Mr. Spock

  1. ahhh. yeah, so true.. when Liam turned 1, pinakalbo ko sya (oh that tradition!!) ibang iba hitsura nya.. mas baby sya when his hair was long.. anyway..
    Buti ang bait ni Aki!? last Liam got his hair cut, KOWPOW!! iyakan to the highest level that we need to go home kahit di pa tapos ung haircut.. šŸ˜¦

    • Yikes! Sayang ang bayad. Not sure if this will help pero when we were at the barber, yun crying baby sat on his dad’s lap. pareho silang nakabalot sa cape.
      Aki gets his hair cuts in a real barbershop. siguro dahil nakikita niya na di umiiyak yun tanders, he knows that crying is not okay inside.

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