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Aki’s Winning Halloween Costume

I blogged here before, that Aki is fascinated with stoplights, toll gates and traffic enforcers. When I saw a yet-to-be-used reflector in my mom’s house, I had a brilliant idea of having Aki dress up as his dream job for Halloween.

Huli ka! If all traffic enforcers were this cute, I would gladly learn how to drive so I can get a ticket everyday.

The total cost for this Halloween costume is…. drum rolls please… 320 pesos!

What you need:
Reflector from the balikbayan box
Dark Blue Shorts
Blue Polo
Art Paper
Poster Paint
Traffic Cap

Put them together plus cute kid who loves his outfit and you have ..

You have a happy kid in a winning costume.

I bought the second and third items on the list  in Divisoria for a grand total of 150 bucks. The cap is a gift from my mummy dearest. It cost her 140 pesos.

We happened to be in SM last Saturday to pay our bills. I noticed the costume contest poster and read and reread the mechanics. Uniqueness – Check! Creativity – Check! Relevance to Theme (cuteness) – Check! Stage Presence – CHECK!!!!

Stage presence for me is when a child is in character. For a child to be in charcter, props help alot. Aki’s props were a whistle and a stop and go sign.

Thank you, SM, for our PhP2500!
Because we were so proud of our boy, we got him the toy that he really wanted. Welcome to our family, Sticky Mouse!

Belated Happy Halloween!!

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