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Office Halloween Decors

From Wednesday to Friday last week, I went home past 11PM and I didn’t mind it. I was part of the ad hoc team that organized the halloween party for the kids of the employees of our department. Our company (oh, let me know if you or anyone you know would like to work in the BPO industry) holds a grand Halloween party. One of our senior directors suggested that we have a mini-party. I could not be anymore excited. I was part of the decors sub-committee but I also also contributed in the programs.

Decorating for this event was a welcome break. These past few days were busy busy for everyone. I thought people won’t dress up their workstations since as it is, there were already too many things to do. But no, I was surprised to see people actually having fun putting up cobwebs. I don’t dance but when the Central team pumped up the volume of their radio and started dancing, at 12 midnight, I could hep but join the dancing. I came back to my senses after two seconds though.

Here are my favorite DIY instant Halloween decors that my officemates came up with.

Too bad, most of my teammates were working offsite. Since they were extremely busy, I volunteered to hang 50+ paper bats.

These are the decors that our committee came up with for the different activity areas.

For the arts and craft station, we used black trash bags to make spiderwebs. Found the tutorial from the HowAboutOrange blog.

Here is game area. We got the template for the pin-the-tail game from my Martha Stewart magazine.

And for the walls by the entrance doors, we hung fringe-y crepe papers in orange and black. They did not come out exactly like the inspiration but they were still very cute!

And of course, our pride and joy, cute fanned-out faces for the film showing area. Too bad the picture does not do justice. These cute babies were 10 times cuter in person. Thank you, Martha, for the templates!

Isn’t this the cutest pumpkin?

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