Divi Realization

About two weekends ago, I found myself waiting for the train headed to Divisoria at 7AM. This was 6 hours after I came from work. What I like about myself is that when I want to do something, I really do it. Well, at least most of the time. That morning, actually since the night before, I had this nagging desire to go to Divisoria and buy cloths for the pillows of my sofa. Ate Dorina washed the pillow case and they shrunk! Grrrr! What i have aren’t ordinary sized pillows so pillow cases are not available in the mall.

So, even if I was in dire need of sleep, I woke up at 6AM and headed to Divi. I told myself that I need to be back by 12noon. When I arrived at the terminal, the train just left. I had to wait for another 30 minutes. When the train finally came, the terminal was already jampacked with eager passengers. It was so crowded inside the coach that there was no need anymore to hold on to the rails.

But even if that was probably the most crowded train ride ever, the trip made me realize that it really is great to be a Filipino. Most of us, passengers, probably wished that we stayed in bed. I am sure none of us liked having the hair of the passenger in front of us touching our faces. You know what? More than 4 times, I tried to look around, found someone looking back, lifted one shoulder, exchanged smiles (or sometimes one sided smiles) as if to say “oh well.. I think it is funny that despite being sleepy, we are all here like  a can of sardines. Have a great day!” I knew silently we were saying whoooo in our heads whenever  we all swayed as one to left and right. What I am trying to say is that I think it is great the Filipinos can find something amusing and inspiring in the worst conditions.

Aki, this is for you. I hope these pictures move you. I am hoping when you are old enough to read, there won’t be similar images  because we no longer have a flood problem in Manila. I hope you remember that typhoons, monsoon rains and flood come and go but the Filipino spirit is water proof

I got these images from my FB wall. They are all over the internet so it is difficult to link to the original source.

Yup, this is a delayed post. I wrote this early last month.

Two days to go before the month ends and I still need 6 more posts to complete my 25 posts per month target.

Happy Monday!


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