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Define Hoarding

For a change, I would like to have a post that is not delayed. Just until the month ends. I have yet to blog about the rest of our stay in Asian hospital last August and Aki’s wiggly worm birthday party this month. I received 4 Liebster awards recently. That means I have to answer 44 questions. Haha. Good luck to me! I also have 90 comments to approve and reply. Thank you and I am so sorry for the delay. Keep the comments coming. Your comments make me smile even if you are just correcting my grammar. 😛 With the number of drafts in my head, I would rather blog away when inspiration strikes rather than proofread.

Thank you to everyone who commented on my I am just as important post. I wrote that a week after we left the hospital. I am a lot better now. Hopefully, I will remember to call the nearby studio for yoga classes. One thing I learned from the 6-day hospital experience is that caregivers, after a physically and emotionally tiring experience, need to take a break before going back to their normal routine.

Anyhoo, back to pretending that I don’t backlogs. Here is the most recent picture in my camera, taken exactly an hour and 13 minutes ago.

Define hoarding..

Hoarding is when you use 6 pillows, leaving only one pillow each for Mummy and  Daddy.

4 thoughts on “Define Hoarding

    1. yup, no more diapers since we early september. i think it helps that i deprive him of milk and water in the evening. hehe. I just make sure he tries to pee before going to bed.

  1. ahahaha.. cute.. same experience for us.. 🙂 awww.. but they are the cutest and kahit manipis na manipis nlng ang hihigaan mo at iisa at pinakaflat pa unan mo, ok nalang.. basta sila mahimbing.. 🙂
    glad that you’re doing better na… 🙂

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