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A Spider Goes Out for a Walk

Franco’s parents gave Aki a Spiderman costume for his 3rd birthday.Weeks before the party, Aki has been announcing that he wants a Fydoman or a Ba’-man gift (now, he wants a ninja gift for Christmas). Honestly, I think my in-laws created a problem. Aki loves his Spidey costume so much he wants to wear it all the time. The only way I convinced him not to wear it to church was when I told him that Jesus might not recognize him. Oh, the silly lies I come up with.

The costume came in handy last last weekend when Aki woke up with a runny nose. I told Aki to go to the lawn to get some sunshine. He did not want to. When I told him that he can wear his costume including the mask , he suddenly wanted to go out of the house and visit our neighbor’s fishies.

bayee, mummy!

When he came back, he was feeling much better and was oh so happy!

Aki wore this costume to his school’s Halloween party. I felt like the earth was about open up and eat me when I saw that there were two other Spidermen. If I were a member of so-you-think-you’re-a-crafty-mommy club, I would have definitely been booted out right there and then. In my defense, Aki was supposed to be a mad doctor but he broke his giant injection days before the event. He also has a Harry Potter costume but we had yet to buy a glasses to complete the look. Also, I was afraid that he might poke a classmate’s eye or turn someone into a frog with his wand.

What ever regret and self pity I had that day were all erased when we won 2500 bucks in the cutest halloween costume yesterday in  SM Bicutan! We are off to two more Halloween parties today. Wish us luck!

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