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Akisms @ 36 months

One of the inspirations to start a blog was the Pochanginamo blog. I read that blog even before I became a mom. When Poch decided to stop documenting online, it felt like my favorite TV show came to an end.

Now that Aki is very talkative, I am very excited to document the silly funny things that he say and can’t pronounce properly yet.


I was sitting on the floor when Aki hit me with a toy.
Me (nanggigigil sa inis): Aki that hurts!
Aki: I soli, Mummy! –  I am sorry, Mommy!
Aki (stood in front of me and gave me a big hug with matching closed eyes and big smile) Mummy, I so love..
Me: Love you too, Aki
Aki (patted my back while still hugging me) Good gohl. –  Good girl.
Me (talking to myself) Nauto nanaman ako.


Tina, my sister-in-law’s helper was teaching Aki how to pronounce the word WATERMELON. At the age of three, Aki is still struggling to pronounce W and -er.

Tina: Watermelon
Aki: Yoto-melon
Tina: Woh
Aki: Yoh
Tina: Ter
Aki: Toh
Tina: Melon!
Aki: Melon!
Tina: Watermelon!
Aki: Tubig-melon!


Aki just came home from my in-laws and saw me with the laptop.
Aki: Huh? Laptop again!? No laptop day, Mummy. Fanly day lang! – Only family day!
Naguilty naman ako.


Aki’s teacher noticed that one of his classmates always eats chicken for lunch.
Teacher to classmate: Do you really like to eat chicken everyday?
Aki (over heard the teacher and decided to interupt): No, Milo everyday!


Aki and I were sharing a butterscotch brownie.
Me (after taking a bite): Your turn.
Aki (after taking a bite): Yoh tohn.  – Your turn.

Me (after taking a bite): Your turn.
Aki (after taking a bite): Yoh tohn.  – Your turn.

I got engrossed reading a magazine and forgot to take a bite. When I remembered..
Me: It is my turn now.
Aki: Bos na! Ubos na! All gone!
Me: Bakit mo inubos? Diba share tayo? –Why did you finish it? Weren’t we supposed to share?

Aki put his pointer finger inside his mouth and then  put the same wet finger very near my mouth

Aki: Taste it.
Me: Huh? Ano yan? – What’s that?
Aki: Yayay!  – Laway! Saliva!
Aki: Iz til yummy. Yan some? – It’s still yummy. Want some?

Oh, I know a lot of moms worry about speech delay. In case you are interested, I made a post about it. You can read it here. In a nutshell, my take is  if you think something is wrong, you may want to talk to your pedia or to a developmental pedia. But if you are worry comes from seeing other children develop earlier than your kid and if you feel that the delay does not affect your relationship with your child, trust that your beautiful child will develop in his own time.

Happy long weekend!

Oh and, thank you for your wonderful  comments! I promise to approve and reply to them this weekend.

19 thoughts on “Akisms @ 36 months

    1. Thanks, sha! Alam mo I am so bad with these memes. But I will really try to answer all 44 questions sent my way. Iniisip ko pa lang, nangingimay na ang mga daliri ko. hhaha

  1. Thanks for sharing, Maqui. Im afraid that my daughter has speech delays, too. She utters just a few words for her age. The doctor told us that we’ll have to observe until she’s three yrs old..

  2. Thanks for sharing, maqui. I am worried that my two-year-old daughter has speech delays as well. We have tried consulting with a pedia.. The doctor tols us that some kids just take some time to learn to talk.. And that we might want to observe until she’s three years old

  3. so funny but heart-warming! favorite ko yung tubig-melon. you’re so cute, aki.

    i share your sentiments pagdating sa delays, you’ll feel naman talaga if there really is a problem. i stopped comparing amber’s development with that of others when i felt that i’m getting paranoid already. parang hindi na healthy. as long as you see improvements in your child, tipong they don’t get stuck to being a baby, okay na ko dun. but of course it helps that we play a part in their development by giving them challenging activities. bow! ^_^

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