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Adobo Pasta, Two Ways

Adobo will remind me always of the best time of my young adult life, being a dormer. Every time I went home to Elbi, my mom would give me a big jar filled with adobo. I would keep this jar in the shared ref, hoping no one will steal my food. Whenever I am sick of eating instant noodles, my mom’s adobo was always a welcome change.

Here are my takes on adobo pasta. Both recipes were adapted from my Yummy cookbooks.

Shred the adobo meat and fry until crispy
Heat some oil. Add a syanse (ladle) full of all purpose cream and another syanse of adobo sauce.  Mix-y mix-y. Add more adobo sauce if you like.
Put the cooked noodles in the pan and mix until noodles are coated with the yummy creamy adobo sauce.
Transfer the pasta in a plate and top with the crispy adobo bits.

Heat some butter. Add the adobo sauce. I love how butter makes the adobo sauce interesting.
Add sugar to the sauce. Mix. Taste. Mix. Taste. Stop. You will end up eating all the sauce.
Pour the sauce in a plate of pasta. Top with tomatoes, fresh basil and bite-size adobo chunks.

Serve with a smile!

15 thoughts on “Adobo Pasta, Two Ways

  1. i like the first version better! hehehe 🙂

    oh and the adobo sa shared ref! hahaha been doing that too, my adobo travelled all the way from zambo kaya humanda talaga sino mgddare kumuha from the shared ref! haha 😀

    1. hahahaha! only us dormers will understand how frustrating losing a homemade dish in the shared ref is. hahaha
      hey charm, how different is the zambo adobo from the usual? Sabi ni benny, green daw ang kare kare niyo so baka iba din ang adobo

  2. My husband is part Filipino. I have tried making his adobo family recipe using chicken thighs. But I have to admit, I never tried it over pasta and it’s never looked as good as yours. Maybe there are dozens of variations of this dish?

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