This Lazy and Thrifty Momma’s Lovely Curtains

It is been a while since I posted anything interior design related. If you see my house, you will agree with me that I have absolutely no right to talk about what is pretty and in in home decorating nowadays. In fact, sometime last August, I took “before” pictures, hoping those pictures will get me interested in sprucing up our living spaces. But no, to this day, I am nowhere near my ideal “after” look.

Today, I won’t showcase the mess that is my house but let me share what makes me gush everytime I see it. My lovely lovely curtains.

What color is this? Teal? My idea of teal is the teal in MS Excel. The color of my curtains are close and happier version of Microsoft’s version of teal. Greenish blue green? Tiffany green?

Oh well. I love how solid the color is from the outside. I love the contrast with the paint.What I don’t like are those distracting reflections of the cable wires.

From the inside, it is bright and sheer.

Early last month, I got inspired by Leslie’s chairs. Even though I came home from work  at 1AM one Saturday, I forced myself to wake up at 6 so I can go to Divisoria. I bought cloths from the side walk vendors of Ilaya. If you are on a hunt for affordable cloths, Ilaya Street is the way to go. I got my lovely curtains for only 30 bucks for 2 yards.

And because I am lazy, instead of sewing one end of the cloth so that there will be space for the curtain rod, I improvised. I used four safety pins instead! hahaha.

Now, I have that nagging feeling again, the same nagging feeling that made me go to Divisoria. I can’t stop thinking about Helene’s new pillow covers. Haaaay. Promise, I have been thinking about them since last week. I think her 3 for 100 pillow cases would look great with my curtains.


6 thoughts on “This Lazy and Thrifty Momma’s Lovely Curtains

  1. Leslie says:

    Maqui nag say a bumili ng tel a!!! I bought curtain panels with teal accents last time. Fromyour link, went to helene’s blog and perfect match din pillows Nya for my Christmas theme. I’m hoping ibcan blog more about my latest projects. Pag di na masyado busy hopefully, that will be soon.

  2. sis! malapit sa mcdo playplace ang Gaisano! current fave grocery shopping place namin ni Tibs. walang pila sa counter eh! wehehe. breakfast minsan sa mcdo then derecho ‘window’ shopping sa Gaisano 😀

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