I am dreaming of a White Christmas….Tree!

oh wait, I am not dreaming anymore. I have one already! Actually, what I wanted was a cream Christmas tree. I saw one in SM a few years back but have yet to see another one recently. The traditional green trees are nice but I think a light colored tree would showcase colorful ornaments better.

Even without ornaments, I am already head over heels with my tree.  Our very first tree!

Now with my curtains…..

I love the contrast of colors..

These are a few of my favorite things!

Any guesses on how much is my white Christmas tree?
Only 599 bucks from Uniwide!

Since our tree is up, I guess we are going to be Halloween grinches again. I am starting my Christmas ornament project this weekend. Weeeee!


18 thoughts on “I am dreaming of a White Christmas….Tree!

  1. OMG I LOVE your tree! How tall is it? I’m kinda regretting the tree I bought in Divi last year since it’s a bit big and I want something slimmer sana. And you’re right, a light colored tree looks great. I’m dreaming naman of a gold one (I saw one in Dimensione pero mahal!) ;p

    • The tree is about 5’5. I really wanted a slim tree so I don’t need to buy or make a lot of ornaments to make the tree cheer-y.
      I saw a gold tree in SM. It might be cheaper there compared to Dimensione.

  2. Hi! I am also into white christmas trees because it is so easy to mix & match your ornaments in whatever color theme you prefer.

    Btw, I like your tall windows… 😉

  3. What is inggit? Maggie is inggit! From 1: not being able to go to Uniwide yet (eh ang lapit sa atin nun), 2: for your fab finds lalo na yung chopping boards, and 3. your Christmas tree!!! Happy craftsy weekend to you! 🙂

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