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Aki’s 3rd Birthday Video

Halu! Warning: Stage mommy mode on

Please take a couple of minutes to watch funny bunny’s 3rd birthday video.

What do you think?  Isn’t he the most adorable thing? Which one is your favorite part? I love the “no fighting guys” part. And in case you are wondering what he was saying at the start of the vid, he was saying his name which according to him is Franco Helio Akira Endaya Nevalga Batman Antonio. Antonio is his favorite Power Ranger.

If you are looking for an affordable videographer, check out RJ Dequina. He can be reached at 0923 907 1499 / 0928 352 3854.

Am excited to see the official party pictures!

17 thoughts on “Aki’s 3rd Birthday Video

  1. Happy birthday Aki! Nice video and i like how he says his name including his favorite characters. no fighting guys! too cute.

  2. I love the video. It captures the cuteness, the fun of a 3 yr old. NakuI wish i have a keepsake like this. At 4, Hindi na masyado baby si Jared 😦

  3. Aki is sooo adorable!!!! In fairness Maqui, Aki gained weight (pwera usog!), I love those chubby cheeks! Kakagigil! Anyhoo, happy happy birthday baby uod! Cyber hugs from Tita Sha and family! Godbless you and your whole family!

  4. weee! happy bday Aki! 🙂 naku yung promise ko pa rin… hehehe 😀 just lemme go through this hell company anniv week and we’re so free to go around again… we found a nearer shop for vintas! 😀

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