Fun Food Finds @ MHC

Remember our Sunday grocery-lugaw  bonding? Well that has been replaced. Ate Dorina has been showing much enthusiasm in doing the groceries so I let her shop in the Bicutan Public Market every Sunday.  Since we don’t do the grocery anymore,  we also don’t eat lugaw every week. Instead, our new routine is to attend mass in Mary Help of Christians Parish here in Better Living and proceed to the multi-purpose hall where we enjoy these yummy goodies.

Fresh Passion Fruit Juice . Fifteen pesos only for the smallest cup and PhP 25 for the biggest.

The couple also sells authentic Taiwanese  dishes

Turon for Aki

Native kakanins. Aki and I love the cassava and bibingka

Pasta from Good Eats. There are three tables that sell pasta. We always buy from Monica. Her table is the farthest from the entrance.

Malunggay pandesal.

Colorful sapin-sapin. I actually haven’t tried these but aren’t the colors so yummy?

Our favorite burrito! We have not bought one recently because we have been avoiding beef.

We love the juice and pasta so much that we served them during Aki’s parties. If you plan to visit our multi-purpose hall, the best time to go food tripping is in the morning. Most stalls are closed already in the afternoon.

Aside from food, there are other  good buys in the hall. I blogged about them here.


15 thoughts on “Fun Food Finds @ MHC

  1. Maggie says:

    Hindi nanaman tayo nagkita nung Sunday! And I was also supposed to blog about MHC pero you described it pretty spot on 😊. A Sunday staple is the passion fruit drink. AT Lagi akong nauubusan ng pandesal na yan.

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