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Public Humiliation Last Sunday

In case you want to see us in person, a place to spot us is at the 2nd floor of Mary Help of Christians Parish every Sunday. There are few mass-goers who hang out there. We are hard to miss. We are the embarrassed parents with a perfectly happy kid.

Some scenes from last Sunday’s mass:

The 2nd floor area has gymnasium-like seats. We sat at the lowest level near the stairs so our ungraceful exit would be less noticeable. As usual, we were late again. Bad, bad, bad, I know! Right after we sat down, Aki stood up and turned around to face the other mass-goers…
Aki: Hi guys! I am Aki!

I tried to distract Aki by saying….
Me: Aki, tingnan mo yun mga madre oh. Galing kumanta noh? I like their white dress. Aki, look at those nuns? Don’t they sing well? i like their white dress.
Aki : Heen-de’! Mumu yan. No! Those are ghosts. (He said this in an irritated ok-ka-lang tone)

During the Alehlujia song..
Me: Aki kanta tayo. Aleluu-ya Alleluuya.. (Aki, let’s sing..)
Aki (frowning with pointy lips) : Ayaw ko yan. Sin sin Fydo lang (I dont like that song. Just want the Insy Wincy Spider song)

In the middle of one of the readings…
Aki ( suddenly became tensed and jump-y): Poopsie aaahkooooo!! I am going to poop!!
Me: Hindi ka pu-poopsie. Walang laman ang tyan mo. No,  you are not gonna poop. Your stomach is empty. ( I said this in a serious  tone. i was actually silently praying to God to please let me hypnotize my son just this one time)
Me:  Ito si mommy uod oh. Here comes mommy worm!
Aki (in a Baby Uod voice): Baby Spider, where are you?
Me (talking to myself): Thank you, Lord!

Also during the mass…
Aki turned around again to face the silent and probably irritated (because we are so distracting) crowd
Aki (with matching finger-pointing): I’m Jayden (aka red Power Ranger). ………… You Keben (Kevin aka blue Power Ranger)…. You Mia (aka pink Power Ranger)!

After the sermon, Aki stood up and clapped his hands ….
Aki: Taaah-pus na!!! Les go! It is finished!  Let’s go!

And my favorite! During the sermon when everyone was quiet, Aki hugged his dad then moved away
Aki (loudly): Baho Daddy ko!! My dad stinks!
In fairness to hubby. I tried to smell him after the mass. He was not smelly at all. Aki just have a special talent of embarrassing his parents without making them hate him.

Speaking of hubby, he insisted that I take this picture.

It was Aki’s first time to find money lying on the street. It was only a 25 centavo coin but Aki guarded it as if it was one real treasure.

Happy birthday, funny boy!

17 thoughts on “Public Humiliation Last Sunday

  1. Funny Aki! Lalo na nung sinabi nyang mumu yung nuns hehe. In the picture, I didn’t see at once the coin he is holding. What I noticed is his finger…parang making bad finger hehe.

    1. May isang friend ko nakasabay namin sa mass dati. Nagdala ng paper and pen para mag doodle yung son nya. Dati si Kelsea nung 2yo super likot din sa mass. Gusto magpunta sa ibang pews. Medyo naglie-low kami sa mass. Bad bad! Pero nung lampas 3yo na cya nagegets na nya na dapat behave sa church although paminsan palipat lipat ng pwesto hehe.

      1. haha, iniisip ko rin yan, erl. parang ok magdala ng toy or any activity para wag malikot. kaso naisip ko naman, parang hindi na rin kami nagsimba kung ganun. haaay. baka nga it is too much to expect a toddler to sit still and be quiet for one hour.

        1. Maiksi pa talaga ang attention span ng mga toddlers. Lalo na pag may nakikita silang ibang bata na naglalaro din sa church. I have a friend na hindi nila sinasama yung toddler nila dati sa mass. Hindi daw kasi sila makapagconcentrate. Silang mag-asawa lang. But now na mag 4yo na, kasama na nila. Ako naman I grew up na member ang parents ko ng charismatic community and they value bringing kids to mass.

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