My Funny Bunny is Three!

My little funny bunny,

Today, you turn three. Congratulations to you and to me for getting past the terrible two’s. In the last 12 months, we have seen you grow into your own person. Let me tell you. You are funny like your daddy. You have such great PR skills like your LoloTay. And you got your persistence and curiosity from me.

It is difficult to summarize who you have become because that means summarizing almost 300 blog entries. The reason why I wake up at 4:30 or 5AM everyday and aim to have 25 posts every month is for us to have something to look back at. I hope when you are old enough to read, you will enjoy reading my blog posts. As you will read, you inspire us every single day. You inspire us to save, to be healthy, to be more patient, to be more creative, to be more accepting, to work smarter, to be silly, to cherish the small things. Thank you, my little love, for inspiring us.

Some interesting things about you lately

“Hello, Emily. I am Deynen”
Jayden is Red Power Ranger’s real name

– You want to have a little baby sister and you want to call her Emily, after Yellow Power Ranger
– You can’t get over the fact that your classmate Lucas deliberately spilled your juice. You keep telling me how you want to jujitsu, wrestle and judo him. Thank God you have not done any of those. Son, I hope you would not be so unforgiving like me.

– Every morning, you open my cabinet and get the box of Irish Spring soap. You love smelling that soap, you silly silly boy. You even made a song. It goes like this

soap soap soap
i love soap
soap soap soap
i love you soap
soap-y soap
braaagh braaagh braaaagh
di en
– Last Monday, you asked me to change my top because according to you, sandos are only for boys.
– Finally, you like dancing. Just so you know, your mother does not dance. Your dad on the other hand, got an A in ballroom dancing in college. You learned how to do the Pocoyo and Spiderman III dance moves all by yourself just by watching the videos.
– You wake me up in the middle of the night so I can bring you to the toilet to pee. You should see yourself when you are about to pee. You are tensed and jump-y as if you have been pricked by a hundred needles.
– Your favorite teacher is Teacher Inday. She is actually not a teacher. She is an ate at your school.
– You pack away your toys and ask for your toothbrush at night. You are attached to a small pillow which you have named Small Pillow.

– You invent your own toys. Last weekend, you made a toy and called it Arrow Bangbang.
– Speaking of nightly rituals, at night, when you say goodnight to Ate Dorina, LoloTay and Babita, you say, “Dood Night. Yabyu. Tenchu!”. You never fail to warm our hearts every time you say that.
– You are learning how to negotiate. When we tell you that we need to go by 7, you ask if we can move the schedule to 8. If we tell you, you can only have one,  you tell us you want 2.  You are a funny little attorney.
– We have a good laugh everytime you intentionally call me Mom, Mother, Nanay, Inay instead of Mummy. Lately, you like saying, “Mummy, I so love!”

Bunny, I can go on an on. Let me stop here so you have no choice but to read my blog posts.
Today is gonna be a special day filled with memories. I hope you enjoy the baby uod party that we are going to have later. Thank you for everything that you are. I look forward to your antics now that you are three.

Aki, we so love!


26 thoughts on “My Funny Bunny is Three!

  1. Karsten says:

    This is so heartwarming! I won’t get tired reading your blog esp. if its about Aki.. You’re one super mom! Happy Birthday Aki..

  2. Au says:

    Wow… Happy birthday, Aki. I’ve been silently following you grow up here in you Mom’s blog… I wish you good health and continue to make your Mom & Dad proud with all your funny antics. 🙂

  3. happy happy birthday aki!!!! 🙂 wishing you great health with strengthened immune system! enjoy terrible three’s! ;p pero wag masyado pahirapan sila mummy and daddy. hahaha! 🙂

  4. daysinawagon says:

    Three already???

    Happy happy birthday Aki! Wishing you EXCELLENT health and a happy heart always! ENJOY!!!

    Adriana, Tita Pepper, and Tito Mark

  5. deanne says:

    Happy birthday Aki!
    Me and my husband are both October celebrants. I wish you all the happiness in life. May your dreams come true to the future.
    I love you Aki even if you don’t know me personally.

      • deanne says:

        You know what Maqui, this is the 1st blog I started to follow in b4 Mommy Fleur, Topaz Mommy & etc.. My day is incomplete without reading your adventures in gardening, recipes and raising this cute little bunny.. Aki has some resemblance with my little princess Allaine that’s why I’m very fond of seeing his pictures on your blog.. I hope this make all sense to you! lol!
        Hoping to see Aki’s 3rd party celebration..
        With kisses and love

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