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Hoisin Honey Eggplants

I invented this recipe in celebration of our ever first harvest of my dearest eggplants. Ever since my friend and Aki’s godmother, Ameron, reintroduced me to eggplants, I have not met an eggplant dish that I did not like.  That is why, of all the plants in my garden, the eggplants are my favorite.


4 eggplants, sliced

3 tomatoes, sliced

olive oil

2 syanse-ful  hoisin sauce – Sorry, I did not measure. Our syanse or laddle is small though. It is just a little bigger than a serving spoon

1 syanse-ful of honey.

Heat the olive oil.  Cook the eggplants, covered. After 10 minutes, add the hoisin. Continue to cook until the eggplants are tender. Once cooked, add the tomatoes and cook for another minute, still covered. Turn off the stove and add the honey. Serve with a smile.

I thought the sweetness was just right to make it an interesting dish. Hubby who is not a fan of sweets, liked my eggplants but wished I used less honey.

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