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Family Photo Shoot @ the Fun Farm in Sta. Elena

I am a certified losyang 364 days out of the 365 days in a year. I have shabby, ill-fitting clothes. Everyday is a bad hair day for me. I only have  a couple of pairs of shoes. However, there is one special day when I feel pretty and camera-worthy. Every year, sometime late August or early September,  I look forward to our family photo shoot. The links to our past family portraitss are in the sidebar, in case you want to view them.

This year, we had our shoot at the Fun Farm in Sta. Elena. These  photos were taken by Anna, Dom, Aldo and Roni of Studio 2716. To say that I am pleased with their output is an understatement.

This is my favorite.

If you are looking for affordable photographers, I highly recommend Studio 2716. 

23 thoughts on “Family Photo Shoot @ the Fun Farm in Sta. Elena

  1. Hi Mommy! Nice family photos! I just want to ask if Sta. Elena fun farm charges extra aside from their entrance fee if you have your family shoot there? If yes, how much did you pay before? Thank you so much! God bless you and your family

  2. Hi i am a new follower of your blog..what a nice family pictures you have..keep on posting. like you i also have a 2 yo son and i want to start a blog i just dont know how lol..

    1. thanks for following! blogging is one of the best things i did for myself. if you are blogging for yourself and not for ads or popularity, no pressure naman to be a good blogger eh. im sure there are so many things that you dont want to forget! go go go!

  3. super lovely photos maqui! and by the way, kahit na losyang ka, you are one of the only few I know who have very nice skin sans make up 🙂

  4. What? No “love” button?! These are beautiful, Maqui!!! I absolutely love the photos! Sila din yung kumuha last year sa house nyo diba? Gandaaa and thanks for sharing this!

    1. same tayo, charm! ako lagi ang photographer coz si hubby walang tiyaga. kung meron man akong pic, pangit pa ang angle. madami naman new and upcoming and affordable photogs ngayon.

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