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The Gift of an Ordinary Weekend #38

Aki’s very words as I was taking this picture – Happy Family Day!


9:10AM He got my spray bottle of homemade pesticide and danced and sprayed it all over while saying “Iz raining! Iz raining!”

9:55AM Aki and I love this chalkboard book. Thank you, Jacob’s mom! This book is the reason why we have less scratch papers and why Aki is getting better at writing numbers. I think I will bring this book on our next long trip to keep Aki entertained.

10:35AM Aki found two belts and managed to make it look like a dog’s leash

10:58AM One of our favorite bonding activities nowadays is taking pictures of each other’s silly and funny faces

12:37PM Yey! My pork ribs in paprika tomato sauce was a success! Couldn’t wait for our daddy to try it!

1:17PM While waiting for our daddy, Aki found the bamboo sticks in the garden and played with it. The bamboo stick transformed into ninja sticks, a magic wand and a flying broom.

2:03PM Finally, Dadeh’s home! Off topic: Are you also rooting for Daddy’s Home in XFactor? As soon as he came in, Franky invited Aki to play in the rain. I was too KJ to join.

2:37PM While Franco and I were enjoying the ribs, Aki lay down on the floor and slept.

An hour later, his temperature went up! Yikes! I felt so guilty for letting him play in the rain. Good thing, we always have paracetamol and Iburofen in the ref.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening, watching his favorite superhero movies.

8:19PM Ever since my friend and Aki’s godmother Ameron reintroduced me to eggplants, I have not met an eggplant recipe that I didn’t like. Normally, I don’t “invent” recipes. I always get inspiration from somewhere. However, last Saturday was special because we just harvested 4 eggplants. My hoisin honey eggplant was delish!


Early morning, Aki was hot again. Thanks to Dolan, his temp went down fast. We did not go to church or to the grocery.

Does your hubby have a vice? Mine does and it is called Brazilian Jujitsu. Pepper, I am sure you can relate. He goes to his friend’s house every Saturday and Sunday to train. I should not be complaining because his vice is not women, not expensive and not unhealthy. But to be 4-5 hours away on each day of the weekend, naman!! I was thrilled when Franco said they will be having their training in our place. I don’t know about other wives but for me, if someone wants to choke my hubby, I hope that someone does it inside our house. We moved the sofa and Aki’s playroom so the big boys can play.  I used to get bothered whenever Franco comes home with purple marks all over his body. I think I am immuned now.

After training, we got ready for our playdate with Maggie, Marsy, Em and Dew. We have been planning to have one for months!! Aki and I were already dressed when I noticed that his temp is up again 😦 Franco was upstairs. I told Ate Dorina to put paracetamol on Aki’s milk. When Franco went down, I hesitated to tell him that our son has fever again. If Franco didn’t go to the kitchen, I probably wouldn’t tell him but I did before could even see the paracetamol bottle. Looking back, I think it was so silly of me to try to hide Aki’s temp from Franco and insist on still going on the playdate. Good thing I came to my senses because Aki’s temperature did not go down until today.

Because Aki was feverish, we also had to cancel the birthday dinner celebration for my father-in-law. We just shared an ice cream cake instead. Here is Aki making a wish before blowing his Lolo Tay’s cake.

His wish? Batman toy!

If only Aki did not get sick, it would had been an ordinary boring weekend just the way we like it.

P.S. Aki’s fever is not due to the rain. Doc says it is because of his tonsilitis.
P.S.S. So sorry Marsy, Em, Dew and Maggie! We hope to be there on the next playdate.

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