Akisms · Memoirs of a Mummy

Akisms: Superhero Linggo 101

when you see an apostrophe (‘) that means pronouncation is maragsa.

Sapa Hilow – superhero
Venjos – Avengers
Taten Elika – Captain America
Payo Yenjo – Power Ranger
Fydo Man – Spider Man
Ba’ Man – Batman
Ayo Man – Ironman
Toh – Thor
Howk – The Hulk
Doying Fish – Dorie, from Finding Nemo
Toy Stoyi – Toy Story
Ti Sta – Tree Star
Die-So – Dinosaur
Litol Foot – Little Foot
Suhk Toof – Sharp Tooth
Kelebols – Incredibles
Supoh Man – Superman

Not related to superheroes but let me just document that Aki now likes saying “Meyon pa!” (meron pa) and “Heeen-di kaya!” (hindi kaya)

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