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Unplanned Good Buys

Because of our wealth management New Year’s resolution, we have managed to avoid unplanned purchases. Sort of. I am still a work in progress because I just could not resist buying these..

Buy one, Take one shelves from ShopWise. I got both for only 599 bucks. A family that is addicted to Booksale can never have enough storage for books and magazines.

Buy One, Take One olive oil from a groupon site. I am not a member of any groupon site because I don’t want to be tempted into buying something on sale that I won’t really use. But 2 liters of olive oil for only 500 bucks is just too hard to resist especially since we use olive oil often for Franco’s favorite chicken dish.

Educational wooden blocks from Germany. From the same Japan Surplus store where we bought Aki’s slide, we found these brand-new, still-inside-the-plastic babies. Aki already has a set of wooden blocks from MindWerks. He definitely does not need another set. But there were just to many other reasons to take home the blocks. In terms of quality and safety, European wooden toys are better compared to those mass produced in China. Rarely do I find brand new toys in Japan surplus  shop. I don’t know where else can I find these blocks. They were selling for only 60% less than the original price. More blocks means more creative structures, right?

So far, I am not regretting any of these latest buys but I am really hoping there won’t be any unplanned purchases for the next couple of  weeks. Deadline for the payment for the second term is coming up next month! Yikes!

13 thoughts on “Unplanned Good Buys

  1. Balak ko din bumili nung shelves na yan sa Shopwise hehe. Saang shopwise yan? Yung sa alabang kasi naubusan ng ganyang shade the last time kami nag grocery. Mura na siya kaya lagi ko iniisip kung sulit ba or baka madali bumigay. So i guess from what rache said, wag mabigat sa first two shelves.

    1. naku erl, so sorry for the late reply.
      i got the shelves from shopwise sucat. according to my sister in law who went there some weeks ago, light brown finish na lang daw available. wala ng wenge.

  2. great buy on the olive oil and toys! 🙂 kung may mga tub pa ng wooden blocks, pabili for coco pleeeeeease? 😀 o kaya saan ba yang japan japan na yan at dadayuhin namin 😉

    yung shelves… we have the same shelves bought at shopwise for the same price about 2 years ago. okay naman sya. ang reklamo ko lang, nagkaka ?mildew? sa gilid, sa loob, sa likod… at hindi pwede lagyan ng mabibigat na libro yung first two shelves. bumigay yung isang plank nung sa amin kaya pahiga ko na sya ginamit as bookshelves. pero nung 1 or 2 toys nalang nilalagay ko, patayo na uli sya.

    1. uy thanks for the tip ha.
      unfortunately, nag iisa lang yun wooden blocks. merong wooden train set. maganda naman pero di ko sure kung brand new at kung kumpleto.

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