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An Exceptionally Great Friday

Last Friday was exceptionally great. There are days when I question myself  if I am a good enough mother, wife and employee. Last Friday was not one of those days.

I started the day by eating a yummy mooncake. Isn’t it pretty? I wonder how it’s made.

It was a gift from Peter, one of my recent Mandarin-speaking hires. Thank you so much, Peter! Even without the mooncake, I enjoyed every bit of our unscheduled 3-hour job offer.

There are several reasons why I work late on Fridays. One of them is so I can spend more time with Aki in the morning. Aki has been going to school since June and I have only seen him wear his school uniform once. Last Wednesday, Ate Dorina told me that during the trip to school, Aki kept saying to his classmate ” Mommy mo, hatid you! Mommy mo, hatid you!” He was so happy for his classmate.  Last Friday, I surprised Aki by bringing him to school myself.

PS I bought the shirt in Divi for only 75 bucks.

Then off to work I went. It was a productive day, job offer and interview-wise. I realize that I should go on later shifts more often since more applicants are available to talk in the evening. I was in the zone! All I wanted to do was talk talk talk and talk. I even got an email from our clients that made me smile for the next two days.  Before I knew it, it was already 10:30PM and I had 3 missed calls from Franco.

When we are not too tired, Friday nights are our date nights. We went around Makati to look for an interesting place to eat in. We did two rounds in the Valero/Salcedo area but could not find a dining place that was not expensive, noisy and smoker-friendly. Finally, we found  New Bombay but when were about to order, we were informed that they will be closing soon and will only accept take out orders. We ended up eating jumbo siopao from 7-11. That Fridate, we learned something new about each other. Franco always goes for asado siopao while I always order bola-bola. We are so meant to be. haha. I know, walang connect.

I look like a lemur here. My excuse is that this pic was taken at 12AM.

After that light dinner, we went to Ton Ton, a Thai massage place in Valero. I have been to Bangkok and tried authentic Thai massage. I.Love.It! Since then,  I have always preferred dry over oily spa treatments. Franco and I highly recommend Ton Ton. If we could, we would visit Ton Ton every week. The massage was a great way to release the stress from the work week and to welcome the weekend.

I did not want the day to end but I am glad it. The only thing better than an exceptionally great Friday is a boring ordinary weekend at home. More on that on my next post.

13 thoughts on “An Exceptionally Great Friday

  1. Magkakasundo si Franco at si Tibs. Kasi Tibs likes bola-bola naman (hahaha sinabayan ang trivia eh no). Re: si maia same sentiments din kay Aki. me onteng inggit sa mga classmates na sundo hatid ng mommies. although lately naman ang hinihingi sa akin eh isama sya sa office.

    1. ganyang ganyan si Aki now. Every morning, he asks me kungpwede siya sumama sa office! I look forward to our halloween party para finally makisama ko na siya

  2. I think I think I saw you and Franco last Friday. I was in a cab and you were in the van. Nauna cab ko sayo. I, too was working late then. Usually Friday is our date night too. Mr. Agustin, however, was having a rhinitis attack. 🙂 aaaand…winner and t-shirt. Maqui!

  3. Mahanap nga yang Ton-Ton massage na yan sa valero, sa likod lang ng building namin ang valero eh. Isang kembot lang, PAK! Andun nako. Haha! Me and Cj used to go out on a friday night, maganda talaga yung minsan lumabas at mag date para mawala ang pressure at stress. Ang sweet nio ni Franco dun sa 7-eleven photo ninyo. 🙂

      1. Sureness! Gorabels ako dyan! Kapatid ko kasi si Dora the Explorer kaya lahat ng lugar isang kembot lang sakin. hahaha!

          1. Same here! I should get your number to Ate Maggie para in case your here in Makati we can dine somewhere here. 🙂

  4. Omy napa rtp naman ako sa post mo sis. I remember rock nung nursery sya, he keeps on kuliting me to resign so that ill be with him lagi sa school. Parang nag seself pity sya na most of his classmates are always with their mom. Pero now my golly, nagmamakaawa sya na wag ko sya dalawin pg lunch break nya. Simula naging tropa ko mga girl classmates nya at ayaw pa nya pa kiss pg sa classroom

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