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Playdate with the Pink Power Ranger

When Aki was looking at this picture, he said” Mia pink payo yenjo. Aki Entonio vawn payo yenjo”. Transalation: Lia is the pink power ranger and I am Antonio, the brown power ranger.

One thing I look forward to whenever we are in Dr. Saulog’s clinic is bumping into the mommy bloggers who also bring their kids to our favorite pedia in the whole wide world. Sieggy (who referred Dra to me), Maggie, Sha, Khaye and Mars are all fellow members of the Dra. Saulog Fans Club.

On  our last pedia visit, we finally bumped into Marsy, Gerry and Lia of Planet Marsy.

Holding Hands

Aki showing Mia how to do the Oishi high Five

Aki gave Mia a plastic carrot and showed her how to pretend eat it.

Hug hug hug

Til our next playdate, little Pink Power Ranger!
Too bad we are going to miss the grand playdate with my other mommy blogger friends. Oh well, I am sure there will be  next time. Right, Maggie, Em, Mars and Dew?

9 thoughts on “Playdate with the Pink Power Ranger

  1. Busy-Busihan si Franco ha. Hehehe.
    Wow! Instant Playdate 🙂 Kung malapit lng ang accredited Hospital ni Dr. Saulog samin, I wouldn’t think twice of transferring 😦

  2. Aww! Finally — the photos!! Ang cute nila! Heheh. Nakakatuwa, kalahati lang ni Aki si “Mia”. See you next week Aki Entonio vawn payo yenjo 🙂

  3. I just realized andami na pala nating members ng Dra. Saulog’s Fans Club,
    Hahaha! I also recommended Docky to my friend and yun na rin ang pedia nya ever since.

    And btw, I wanna join your playdate too! However di pako kilala nila Dew, Em, and Marsy. Hihihi I’m too shy to join…

    1. sha! just learned from maggie, na ang lapit mo lang pala samin. hahahahaha. isang kembot lang pque ka na. joke.
      they arevery nice bloggers. just comment often sa blogs nila so they get to know you.

      1. Hahaha! mga dalawang kembot and mga 100 na cartwheel ang distance namin from Pque. Haha! Pero basta sinipag ang driver namin (referring to hubby, Cj) makakapunta kami dyan. haha!

        Alright, thanks for the advice Maqui. mahiyain kasi ako… chos! Hahaha!

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