Buttered Veggies ala Aki, Scatterbrain-ness ala Maqui

Hello world! Thanks for reading my boring blog. There are so many things that I want to blog about. For one, I have not even blogged about our 6 day stay in Asian Hospital and the post traumatic depression that I had after Aki was discharged. Non-stop crying, feeling insecure and inadequate and sleepless nights. It was terrible.

Why haven’t IΒ  been blogging? I have been sleeping well lately. Which is a good thing. I normally blog between 5-6AM. When I wake up at 5:40ish, I don’t go online anymore else I might not catch the first or second trip of the shuttles going to Ortigas. Today, I can’t sleep again (hay just when I thought I am back to my old self) because I think I made a booboo at work yesterday. I was supposed to come in late today because of this meeting in the evening. I will probably leave the house early because the suspense is killing me.

How I wish I know how to live in the the now. When I am at work, I think about Christmas tree that we don’t have yet, the missing paper lanterns, the can of chickpeas that will expire soon, Ate Dorina’s SSS and all the unfinished and yet-to-be started projects for the house and for Aki’s party. When I am home, like this morning, I think about the email that I forgot to send out, what I need to do to get more Vietnamese applicants and other things at work. MyΒ  hyperactive brain is at its worse during the commute. The 30 minute to two hour trip to or from the office (depending on the traffic) is supposed to be my quiet time but I just can’t stop myself from thinking. I wish there is a hibernate button so I can just sit and think of nothing.

Anyhoo, how’s that for a segue?

Last month, when we were in the hospital, we missed the Nutrition Week in Aki’s school. It would have been such a fun and interesting week for Aki. His classmates made sandwiches, cooked buttered veggies and tried different healthy foods. Since we have both butter and veggies in the freezer, I thought of replicating the activity at home.

To make butter veggies ( please get a pen and a paper so you won’t forget), you will need butter and veggies. Itlog ng pugo (what are they called in English? edit – THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO ANSWERED! I FEEL SILLY FOR EVEN ASKING) or what Aki calls Baby Eggs, are optional but definitely makes the dish more fun.

Melt the butter. Add in the veggies. Give it a good stir

Transfer the dish to a bowl and add the baby eggs



23 thoughts on “Buttered Veggies ala Aki, Scatterbrain-ness ala Maqui

  1. Maggie says:

    I havent been seeing you in the morning na rin Maqui. Nung gabi naman pagodatragedy na ako. I hope you feel better sa grand playdate natin next week! 😊

  2. Maqui!!! You never even mentioned anything about all those when we had our playdate. Na-hug ka man lang sana namin… *hugs*

    as for aki and the buttered veggies, like ko ang chef’s hat! πŸ™‚

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