Modern Day Pen Pals aka Birthday Card Exchange Project

Now that we live in the digital age, the only thing that we receive from the mailman are bills! Bills bills and bills! We don’t receive birthday cards and hand written letters anymore. Everything is sent thru Facebook, email or text. That was not the case when I was growing up. I always looked forward to receiving birthday cards every November and Christmas cards every December. We knew who was the mailman for our barangay and even got updated when he married his long time girlfriend.

I want Aki to experience the same thrill of seeing his name in a newly delivered envelope. Thus, the birthday card exchange project was born.

It was a wonderful project that Aki and I did last week.

I enjoyed buying the cards, matching the cards with the personality of the kids and writing special messages for Lola Do and Kuya Rocky.

A pen pal project is not a pen pal project without pictures. And pictures must have dedications. hahaha

Aki wrote his name and doodled on the envelopes.

Oh we went to the Makati Post Office. See who was excited?

Inside the post office, we bought stamps, glued them on the envelopes and finally dropped the envelopes in their corresponding dropboxes.

In case you want to know, ordinary mails are received in 3-5 days for Metro Manila addresses. If the letters/cards, are for near by provinces like Cavite and Laguna, it takes about a week.

I am excited to receive Aki’s cards next month!!


7 thoughts on “Modern Day Pen Pals aka Birthday Card Exchange Project

  1. daysinawagon says:

    Hey Maqui! You are one sweet soul! Thank you so much for the birthday card you sent me. Nagulat ako dun ha! I thought I unknowingly put our address on our blog! Haha! Thank you thank you! It feels good to receive a real deal birthday card! =)

    • Mondays to Fridays lang, sis.Kaya kahit matagal pa ang birthday, pinadala na namin kase I am not sure kung magkakaroon pa ng opportunity na madala si Aki sa post office.

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