My Childhood Collections

During our last visit to my beloved Bayog, I was able to unearth the things that were most precious to me some 20 years ago. I am talking about my childhood collections

1. Collection of Trivia Clippings
Oh yes, I was a certified geek back then. I read our encyclopedia for fun. When I was in Grade 4, I had a science teacher named Teacher Alda. She inspired us to read the trivia section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. As un-geeky as it sounds, I have never been a fan of newspapers. Since my mom reads them in her clinic, she would cut the trivia section and give them to me. I wonder if PDI still runs its trivia section.

I liked labeling my stuff. I think my handwriting when I was in primary school is better than my handwriting now.

2. Archie Comics Collection
Not only were they covered in plastic, they were also numbered. I remember counting more than 90 of them at some point.

One of my sister’s and my favorite childhood memories (wait wait wait.  I just spent the last 10 minutes searching the web for rules on multiple possesives. My sister and I’s? My and my sister’s? I give up. If you know the rule on this, let me know) is receiving Archie Comics packages from Papa and Mama, our paternal grandparents, who were based in US.

Look, I have always been loyal customer of Booksale for 3 decades now.

From geeky and pop culture, let’s move on to the freaky…

Any guesses on what is inside this old film container?

3. Milk teeth collection

In case you do not know, my mom’s a dentist. I always get comments on how nice my teeth are. My sister and I did not need to wear braces.

Everytime I lost a milk tooth, my mom would clean it, sanitize and keep it. When I told her that I want a ring that has my tooth instead of a fancy stone, she said she will talk to her alahera/jeweller friend.

And of course, my favorite! I have always been saving money even when I was small. Presenting..

4. My Coin collection

Actually this is not all of it. I have coins that are in a ringbound book with clear pages. Mother dear has yet to find that book. She said she remember keeping it in a safe place but can’t remember where exactly is that safe place. haha.

Do you remember these?

The coins on the top row are from the American era. One side shows Filipinas while the other side is USA. These are my grandma’s arrhae. For my own 2008 wedding arrhae, I upgraded my mom’s. At first, I wanted to use coins that are from years ending with 8. I even contacted Bangko Central to check if they had plans of releasing 2008 coins. Unfortunately, they did not. My arrhae is still one of a kind, even without a 2008 coin.  Check out the 1888 Philipine Peso from the Spanish era.

To Aki’s future bride, whether you like it or not, you will use this arrhae. Click on the picture to see the details.

I am lucky to be surrounded with supported family. I have a supportive mom who did not just cut newspaper clippings and clean my teeth for me. She also bought all the Christmas albums of the Universal Motion Dancers. hahahaha. Even if I had not been  out of the Luzon Island until I was 12, I got coins from as  far as Kenya because aunts and uncles remembered that a silly girl from Bayog would be delighted to receive coins from far a way lands.

My hope is for the adult Aki to look back at his childhood, be amazed by how the simplest things mattered most to him and how his family supported him no matter how geeky or freaky his interests were.

P.S. Anyone out there who collects coins and wants to trade with me?


5 thoughts on “My Childhood Collections

  1. I miss those coins! I remember we had to collect 100pcs of the 1centavo coin back in grade school for a Math class, I think. The square 1-centavo coin reminded me of it. 🙂 And yes, gusto ko rin ang UMD dahil crush ko si Wowie de Guzman!!!! hahahahaha! 😀

  2. Nice! Ang dami mong collections. Ako rin meron ako clippings nung kay Bong Barrameda. I also still have his Brain Blitz books hehe.

    Nung makita ko yung coins collection mo, marami akong naalalang childhood memories 🙂 Salamat sa post mo na ito at naalala ko sila.

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