Memoirs of a Mummy

Our Last Resort in Managing the Picky Eating

is Mosegor!

During one of our check ups with Dra Saulog last July, I asked if we can give Aki an appetite stimulant. He was getting sick more often. The culprit I think is the picky eating. There were days when I felt so defeated because no matter how hard and creative I try, he just won’t open his mouth.

We are very happy with the changes that we have seen in Aki’s appetite since he has been taking Mosegor. Last weekend, he ate buttered veggies whereas before, he would ask us to remove any green or orange speck in his sinigang. Doc says the stimulant should only be a temporary solution. So for now, we will try to introduce him to as many healthy foods, crossing our fingers that he will still eat his veggies after we have weaned him from Mosegor.

12 thoughts on “Our Last Resort in Managing the Picky Eating

  1. Maqui, I’ve been having the same problem with Laz. He’s been staying home at least 2 days each month because he keeps getting sick – and I really suspect it’s the picky eating too! I shall ask our pedia about Mosegor! Thanks for this!

  2. Akira has become a picky eater lately, too! Tapos hindi pa niya inuuubos ang milk niya. She still prefers breastmilk pero kamusta naman, diba? Magt-three years old na cya. Feeling ko kakarampot na nutrition nlng nkukuha niya sakin 😦

  3. My son Cyler was a picky eater too, Doc Vienne also recommended this appetite vitamins to him . And in fairness he gained 1kilo in just one month, it’s really effective.

      1. Yes, it’s true. Mejo li-lo kami ngaun sa mosegor and nagiging picky eater nanaman c Cyler. Ayayay! Truly, patience is a virtue when you have a super picky eater toddler. But we’re still trying to feed him everything, hanggang sa malaman namin what he really wants to eat. As of now, he likes corn soup with brocolli, which is good though. Hats off to all mommas with picky eater child. Kaya natin ‘to! Aja! 🙂

  4. good to hear that aki responded well to mosegor. i’ve been tempted to give amber too pero we were given heraclene instead. ayun, okay sha while she’s in it pero after 3 months, she went back to her eating habit or lack of it. nakaka-frustrate!

    1. same thing happened to us. when we stopped, balik sa picky eating, although hindi na ganun ka arte. Plan ko, when we wean him off mosegor, uunti unti in namin

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