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The Gift of An Ordinary Weekend

A few months ago, I shared a video that made me cry buckets of tears.

Normally, I am giddy excited every Friday afternoon. I live and breathe for weekends. Long weekends are even extra-special. There is so many projects that I want to work on, so many recipes to try and so many movies to watch.  On stressful days like today and the past 7 days, make that 10 days including the heavy rains, thanks to the monsoon, all I really want is to go home and have a boring, uneventful weekend with my family.

I wish all our weekends are as simple and memorable as that of the last weekend of July.

Saturday, 7:36AM. Aki washed his urine-soaked shorts. Normally, when he forgets to use the potty, we ask him to wipe the mess. He was extra-industrious that morning and even volunteered to help Ate Dorina in the laundry area.
Saturday, 8:50AM. Aki made breakfast bohgoh (burger). Yum!
Saturday, 10:33AM. Mother-son bonding at the garden. Aki helped me spray the homemade pesticide to white bugs which have been attacking our chilli plants.
Saturday, 12:42PM. Aki showing Daddy that he is ready for more martial arts lessons. Here he is, practicing his “guard” on the unwilling sparring partner… Me!
Saturday, 4:21PM. Gaye marries Aaron! So happy to see my good friend so happy! What made the day even more special is the announcement from our other friend, Nyl, that she is getting married too! Happy happy!
Sunday, 6:45AM. Ironman went to potty. Funny little man is very much into superheroes nowadays. When he feels like being Ironman, he asks us to wrap a gold ribbon around his hand.
Sunday, 9:04AM. We are late for church! Because Aki insisted that he wears his favorite The Hulk pajamies over his clothes. Thankfully, he let us take of the pajama when we arrived.
Sunday, 9:26AM. “Penge nine hunded toins (hundred coins), fis (please)!” is what Aki just told me.
Sunday, 9:28AM. And this is why I hate attending mass inside a mall! The guy in white is the pasimuno.
I hate that the kids keep on running and playing.
Interestingly, Aki kept chasing a big kid who was playing with a toy gun. Aki kept saying, “Hey, no bengbeng. Stop it! Bengbeng bad! No bengbeng!” Inasmuch as I was happy to see him standing for what he believes in (or what I made him believe in), I am sure the big kid was pretty annoyed to have a small kid who was very passionate about his beliefs, run after him.
Sunday, 11:02AM. Look what I found in Booksale! The top 1 of the top 100 children’s books!

Check out the complete list here

Sunday 12:45PM. My baby can ride!
Is he ready for his first bike?

Sunday, 1:09PM. While Ate Dorina and I were shopping, this is what the boys were doing.
Sunday, 1:20PM. The very reason why we went to SM on the first place is to buy a new pan and small casserole. After much deliberation with myself, I decided to get non-non-stick ones. The stainless ones were too thin while the non-sticks were too expensive.
I also got a new umbrella and a zip-up closet for my decluttering project.
Sunday, 2:01PM. We bought tickets to hubby’s current favorite sports, Lotto!
Sunday, 3:41PM. My smores are a hit! Why did not I think of making these easy yet so yummy treats before?
Sunday, 6:58PM. After three hours of cleaning out my hanging closet, I was finally done! There is still so much that I want to do for this part of the house. Hopefully, I will find the time and energy to complete the project. Decluterring truly is one of the most therapeutic activities.
Sunday, 7:40PM. My first try at making milk teas is also a success! Thank you BIL for the oolong leaves.

Ordinary weekend, will you be mine tomorrow and on Sunday?

Wishing all of you a boring and uneventful weekend with your love ones!

11 thoughts on “The Gift of An Ordinary Weekend

  1. Hi Maqui, not sure if this will help, pinaka safe daw is stainless. these cast alumnum cookwares daw kasi may mga residues na sumasama sa food. pag naiinitan sila, the aluminum pores open, so ung mga sauces ng nuluto mo goes in it. then once it cools down, mag close ang pores. so naipit na ung sauce na pumasok. di sya na wash out.
    Next use mo, when you cook with it again, open pores again, masama ung dating pumasok, then ung new sauce.. and on and on and on..
    this is also the reason why daw minsan di same ang lasa ng mga luto mo kahit same pa measurements, kasi daw nahahalo ung previous residues sa new dish..
    so it will always be wise to invest on good cookwares na mejo pricey pero matagal buhay..

    I think mga non stick have some issues din with the teflon coating. pero eto di ko sure. i have talked to a distributor before and they said that as long as di scratched ung coating, di hahalo sa food ung chemicals..

    pero come to think of it.. we all grow up with our moms using these cast aluminums.. ok naman tayo now diba?!? pero still when it comes to our kids, we always want to give the best of the bestest.

    Well, i hope you can share with us din what you’ll find out from your research.

    Btw, i got the pores idea from my cousin who is a dealer of Salad master. try to check this post for more info.. am not selling ha, am just sharing with you post ng SIL ko when my cousin visits her for a demo. 🙂

    PS sorry for the long comment. hope this helps..

    1. wow haba ng comment! thank you so much for the info.
      I need to start that research soon.
      type ko rin ang bakemaster kaso di ko afford. hahaha

  2. what a fun weekend! i bet the kiddo enjoyed it bigtime 🙂

    btw, those cookware that you bought, what were they made of? kasi we wanted to buy a kawali similar what you bought pero we were discouraged by our families kasi di raw safe yung material (aluminum) 😦

    1. oh my! thanks for the info. I havent really checked the material. I bought them kase my mom uses them and her kawalis are decades old na. i will definitely research on this more. thanks thanks gracie!

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