Best friend

I would like to introduce y’all to Aki’s bestfriend.

Say hi to Uod. Aki and Uod used to play in the garden all the time. Now, they play inside the house.

Aki likes to make houses out of pillows and plastic boxes for his friend.

Uod likes riding Aki’s cars while Aki likes pushing the cars for Uod.

Come! Come! Come!

Aki even taught his best friend how to use the potty!

What Aki really really likes is when Uod crawls on his body.

Oh what joy, little dirty creatures can give our boy!


5 thoughts on “Best friend

  1. grabe, ang tapang ni Aki! good job! 🙂

    Dade is so madiriin sa mga stuff (like Play-Doh, duh!) and matatakutin sa mga ganyan. Sa bagay, hindi kasi sya exposed eh kasi walang ganyan dito, hahaha!

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