Water Xylophone

We discovered a new use for our favorite art material, the McCormick Food Colors, or as Aki likes to call them, My Food Tohyoh!

With just a few drops of it,  glasses of water are transformed into a yummy colored water xylophone.

What I really enjoy is watching the food dyes as they disperse. For some reason, it reminds me of Harry Potter.

Aki enjoys mixing the colors.

By adding different amounts of water on each glass, we get to learn saturation and pitch.

By playing with the water xylophone, we also learned a valuable lesson on force and breakability of glass. 😛 Since then, we have been using used glass jars.

As for me, what I like about our DIY musical instrument, is that it gives me a few minutes to perfectly cut Aki’s hair. Haha. Not really.


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