Quick quick quick

I just want to make a quickie post to

..commend the friendly staff of Asian Hospital who have been making our stay comfortable. Everyone here from our HMO rep, to the nurses to the janitorial staff have been very nice to us. Franco says the nurses at Medical City are prettier but I say the male nurses here are hotter! haha. The one on duty now looks like Ryan Agoncillo.

Here is nurse Kim using Aki’s magic wand to convince him to take his paracetamol.

.. tell y’all how proud I am of my strong and brave boy. If I were in his place, with all the blood extractions and reinsertion of his dextrose, I would probably have needles-phobia by now. After a minute in tears, Aki is back to his old self with every close encounter with the needle.  Here he is, so happy to be reunited with his favorite pillow.

… greet my hubby lovey a Happy happy birthday! The last 7 days have been the worst but my hubby made me see how  a wonderful marriage gives you all the strength that you need when everything around you seems to fall apart. Happy happy birthday!


24 thoughts on “Quick quick quick

  1. good to know Aki is all better now. it’s really hard when kids are sick. but glad you guys felt pampered naman sa hospital, especially the brave little boy 🙂

    • Hi Cleo, we got admitted bec Aki’s blood test results last Monday show that he has dengue. Tests here in Asian show that what he caught was viral.
      Thanks for the greeting!

    • Hi Charm! He hs had fever since Thursday last week. First we thought it was viral, then, naging dengue ang diagnosis. now,mukhang confirmed na na its viral talaga. He is doing better now but low grade fever is still there

  2. Get well soon Aki! You really get what you paid for when you’re in Asian 🙂 Dyan din namin nadiscover na yummy yung seafood marinara ng delifrance (cafe france na ata ngayon).

    • thank you po, tita erl!
      thansk for the tip, sis. Try ko yang seafood marinara later. Nauuta na ako sa kakakain ng hospital food na ayaw kainin ni Aki

    • sieggy! belated happy birthday, sis!
      medyo magulo ang diagnosis. viral to dengue to viral uli. mukhang viral na ang final offer ni Dra Saulog. He is doing better now. hopefully, makauwi na kami tomorrow

      • Awwwww! Viral na final! Hope he gets better sooon. Kisses to Super Aki! Btw, i was on the phone with Soph the other day, tapos she asked me about Aki. Mom, where’s Aki? Yun pala nakita photos from Dade’s party so naalala nya si Aki 🙂

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