First Family Getaway: UP Academic Oval

Here is the very late last installment of our family getaway last June in UP Diliman. I blogged about  our first day and UP Oblation here and here.

Because we were dog tired from all the walking we did on our first day in UP, as expected, we woke up late that Sunday. Aki, on the other hand, woke up refeshed and excited to start the day ….. at 4 freaking thirty anakangsiopao AM! We did what only bad lazy sleepy parents like us would do, which was to sit Aki in front of Disney Channel with a pack of graham crackers while we try to get more sleep.

When we were ready, we took quick showers and went to the Parish of Holy Sacrifice.

At first, I was very conscious because we were not dressed appropriately for church.

When I looked around at least 1/4 of the mass goers were also wearing running outfits. After mass, we went to SC to eat in our favorite tapsilogan, Rodics where we also ate brunch the day before. I can eat Rodic Tapsilog any day every day but had I remembered that there is also Lutong Bahay, I would had definitely brought my family there instead for variety’s sake.

By 8:30AM, hubby and I were raring to run. Aki was sleepy and cranky so we left him and Ate Dorina in one of the benches.

Just to make it clear, I am not a runner. I do not know how to run, nor jog nor sprint. I can walk fast but I don’t have the coordination and lungs to run. Franco, who I think would make a wonderful PE teacher as supported by his 4th year high school career psych test, was very patient in teaching me. He thought me to lean forward, how to properly land the sole of my feet, to time my breathing and to motivate myself by trying to outrun the other runners.

Oh I did run. I gave the running shoes that hubby gave me for Christmas 2 years ago, its very first test drive. I ran from UP Film up to a little before Oblation. Haha. That is not even 1/6th of the whole oval. I was out of breath already by then, and I could feel my legs hurting. Besides, I wanted to move slowly so I can fully admire the beauty of the oval.

What makes the academic oval the ideal place to run are the trees.

I miss looking up and barely seeing the sky.

As you can see, it’s really hot outside the oval. This is part of the Sunken Garden.

Seeing so many people running and walking around acad oval was very encouraging. There were babies in strollers, young toddlers learning to walk, teenagers in skateboards, people probably my age in canes and sexy senior citizens who looked like professional runners.

Palma Hall, how can I forget you? Running 3 blocks and 4 plights of stairs, only to find out that the prof is absent, happened more than once.

And of course, my beloved PHan. Palma Hall Annex to many but to us Psych majors, it was home. It was what made us special from the rest of the college. We had our own building.

I tried to check out the Nook, the official tambayan of my college org, The UP Psychology Society, one of the oldest orgs in the university, and CASAA, the college canteen, but both were closed.

We went back to the University Hotel where the boys slept while I had another massage.  We left at around 11AM. Before going home, we ate in this terrible international restaurant that most not be named. The stray cats waiting for the left overs were bad. The service was worse. The food was the worst. When I was still a dormer, I remember eating there. Nothing special but nothing that bad either. I hope management wakes up and smells the stench of their basahan that fills the place.  Next time we go to UP, I will definitely put a reminder in my phone so I won’t forget to eat in Lutong Bahay and Chateau Verde.

Removing the terrible lunch experience, I would say I really loved how our first family getaway turned out.  We will surely go back .

We heart you, UP.


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