Memoirs of a Mummy

Where is the sunshine after the rain?

why this blog is on hibernation

Tuesday – I did not go to work. We spent the whole day sadly watching the news in TV.

Wednesday – I worked from home in the morning. I was nursing a runny nose. I went to work around noon. When I arrived at work, I started coughing and feeling cold.  By 3PM, it felt like i was inside a freezer. I wanted to stay up to 10PM because there are just so much work to do and candidates to assess. I decided to stick to the original plan of going half day. I hitched a ride with my brother-in-law (Thank you, Kuya and Mae). When I got home, I was at my worst.  Even with socks and a jacket, with the windows closed and the electric fan turned off, I was still trembling in cold. I can’t remember my tempreture, maybe I forgot to take my temp, but I remember feeling I had not been that sick for a long long time.

Thursday – By morning, my temp has gone done but I was still feverish. If I remember correctly, my temp that morning was 38.4 C. My body hurt like hell. I felt like an 80 year old with aching joints, who could barely walk to the toilet. Aki was sent to my in-laws so he won’t catch my flu. However by mid-day, I got news from Ate that Aki got a fever too. I really felt bad for missing work. It was a critical week for my foreign language requirements. I had five job offers lined up. I forced myself to drink as much water so i would be well the next day. If I were not sleeping, I was drinking water.  If I were not sleeping or drinking,  I was staring at the ceiling or at my sleeping hubby. Getting sick is so boring. And it makes me miss my mommy.

Friday – No more fever. Hooray! But my body still ached all over. Boo! I had to miss work again. Aki was still feverish but responded quite well to paracetamol. In the afternoon, for old times’ sake, I asked Ate Dorina to boil guava leaves for me. I know guava leaves have a healing effect on wounds that is why it is used to newly circumcized boys and  patients with chicken pox. I don’t have chicken pox , nor do i have a penis but when I was young, i remember how “pinakuluang dahon sa bayabas” seemed to be part of the healing process. Also, Ate Dorina gave me the most painful massage/hilot the day before using baby oil and sambong. I think her massage helped but I hated how much oil was stuck in my scalp afterwards. Unfortunately, I could not get the oil out.


Saturday – My body is getting stronger! Yahoo! I was strong enough to go downstairs. Aki was also fever-free. Double yahoo!! He was back to his half-toddler, half-Tazmanian self.  Sister-in-law borrowed my son. All yours, Yana!

And when I checked the garden, looked what I found

My very first eggplant!!

And there is more.. For the first time, we have calamnsi (Philippine lemon) flowers!

The only way that day could get better is  if I could get the oily gunk out of hair. And so, I took a bath. I shampoo-ed my hair twice. No effect.  Conditioner. The oil was still holding on to my scalp. Hot oil. Better for the ends but it did not help my root problem. Then I remembered, someone told me that what soap actually does is that its bubbles remove the oils off our skin. Hmm. Will you be my hero, Dial? Surprisingly, the soap did bring out the most bubbles. After washing, my hair felt like one  big Scotchbrite! Potek! i would rather have oily hair than taong grasa slash rasta hair! Now, back to the drawing board. Shampoo shampoo. Hmm. Slightly better. Conditioner. Improving. After two rounds of “cold” hot oil treatment, my hair could give Angelica Panganiban’s bouncy hair a run for its money. oh yeah!

Afternoon was spent chillaxing and Heli Patoh (Harry Potter) marthoning.

We had dinner at Sen Lek, a hole-in-a-wall Thai eatery.  I love their  milk tea! We then proceeded to Dra Saulog’s clinic where we only waited for less than 15 minutes for our turn. Aki did not cry when he was given his flue shot. He was more concerned about which lollipop to choose. Dra gave us the wonderful news that should Aki be illness-free in the next months, our next visit would be February next year! How cool is that!

To celebrate, we had a quick stopover at Caltex Magallanes to buy Miss Polly’s moist chocolate cake.

When we got home, Aki was feverish again! Naman! We gave him paracetamol. The temperature dropped after he sweated. However by midnight, it was up to 38.8. Our technique in making Aki drink his medicine is mixing it with Nestle Probiotics orange flavor. We told our sleeping boy that he needs to drink his Yakult (he calls his Nestle probiotics, Yakult), so Harry Potter can fly. Amazingly, Aki, with his eyes closed, drank his meds and smiled when we said Harry said thank you.

Sunday – I forced myself to wake up early.  have been waking up at 7AM for the past couple of days. I will be going back to work on the next day so i have to teach myself how to wake up at 5AM. I was able to make  some draft posts while waiting for my boys to wake up.

When I went downstairs, Ate told me that she is coming down with trangkaso. I told her to drink lots of water, handed several malunggay capsules, Conzace and Bioflu.  She slept for most of the day. We just bought food so Ate need not cook.

Aki’s fever was still on off. He was still energetic for most of the day except for the minutes when he is about to take the next paracetamol-probiotics concoction.

Late in the afternoon, I noticed rashes in Aki’s face and arms and back. I updated Dra Saulog who instructed me to buy Dolpan Forte. Aki’s fever went down an hour after taking it.

Aki asked for a fried egg for dinner. He vomited the egg and what seemed to be his lunch too. He did eat 3 slices of chocolate cake though.


Monday – I woke up at 3AM because Aki was extremely hot. As luck would have it, both our thermometers ran out of batteries. Hubby had to go to my in-laws’ house to borrow their thermometer. Hubby brought water non-meat frozen food he found in the ref.  We used a block of cheese, an expired pack of mozzarella, and a couple of Jelly Ace.  The medicine did not hve an effect immediately. Hubby and I were wiping Aki with wet damp cloth and frozen goods for more than an hour.


Whoa! Look at the time. It is almost 4:15 PM now. We are about to go back to Dra Saulog’s clinic. Got to go. Sorry for the typo and gramatical errors. Won’t have type to read this before posting. Bye.





6 thoughts on “Where is the sunshine after the rain?

  1. Oh, poor little Aki. Get well soon, sweetie! And it’s nice to know that you’re getting better now, Maqui. I guess having a sick child is one of the biggest challenge of motherhood. But I know you can make it, lilipas din yan. Remember that God is good all the time. 🙂

  2. “After washing, my hair felt like one big Scotchbrite! Potek! i would rather have oily hair than taong grasa slash rasta hair!” — hahahahhahahahahhaaa

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