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The sun will come out

I feel guilty about my post last night. I sounded like a silly working mommy complaining about money and commuting when parts of Metro Manila are submerged in water. It was only this morning when Franco turned on the TV did I realize the gravity of the flood problem. When I was still a college student in UP Diliman, the only flood prone areas that I know were UST and Marikina. Now, when you watch the news you see water everywhere. How can an expressway be flooded?

To relieve my guilt, I am posting the things I am thankful for today:

1. My family is safe and we are together. I would be worried sick if I was stuck in the office or, worse, in traffic.

2. We had our door fixed last weekend. The problem with our front door is that rainwater goes inside the house when the winds are strong thru the space between the door and our floor. Mang Totong painted the door with emulsion/emulsifier/emul-something paint that repels water. We also installed a strip of rubber to the door to fill the gap.  We are seriously considering extending the canopy but we are still checking our options.  A cement canopy would cost us 23-25K . Polycarbonate and stainless steele canopies cost even more. Anyhoo, I am just thankful that I am less paranoid now about our living room getting all wet.

3. I just replenished our supplies last weekend.  I am thankful for the food stored in our refrigerator and in our pantry.

4. When I was decluttering last weekend, I had assigned designated areas for our flashlights. I hope we won’t lose power supply tonight but if it happens, we are ready.

5. I am very happy about the progress of our potty training.  Last July 23, Aki pooped in his potty for the second time. I blogged about the first one was last February. It took months before the second time happened but the wait is so worth it. Cleaning a poopy bottom of a toddler who dropped the bomb into the potty is 10 times much easier and less yuckier than washing poop off the child who did the deed in his diapers. We are going to be diaper-free soon!

I have cute pictures of Aki sitting on his potty that I really want to post here. But but but, several years from now, when Aki is no longer a baby, he might hate me if he sees those pictures. I really want to post them here so I can document this milestone. Maybe I would but I will password-protect the post. Need to ask for approval from the hubby first.

6. Today is my favorite girl’s 10th birthday. Happy happy birthday, Jyl! To celebrate, my sister and I gave Jyl the best rite of passage to big-girl-hood that we could think of…. a shopping trip to Divisoria! I will blog about it the not so near future. I hope she will remember those six hours that we spent together, many years from now with a big smile on her face.

I hope everyone is safe and dry. Take care!

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