Kitchen Failures

Exhibit Number 1

Chicken Wings in Chocolate-y Hot Sauce

This was a fail because I forgot that hubby is not a fan of sweets.

Exhibit Number 2

Sauteed Beans with Olives and Fish Fillet in Coffee Butter.

What makes this dish a major fail was the goo-ey gravy I made by deglazing the pan with white wine and adding too much cornstarch

Exhibit Number 3

Tilapia in Kalamay, I mean, Oyster Sauce.

Again, too much cornstarch. In fairness to me, the last two were not so bad. It is just the presentation that makes them look unappealing.


8 thoughts on “Kitchen Failures

  1. sis abt the cornstarch part…di ba dapat transparent sya pag naluto? maybe you mistakenly added flour? wehe nangealam lang talaga. how do you make pala coffee butter? the 2nd dish looks really interesting 😀

    • hahaha! i don’t really know what we did wrong.
      re coffee butter, melted butter and coffee powder lang sis. mas okay kung dinurog na coffee kesa 3-in-1. 🙂

  2. Leslie says:

    Hi maqui. One time while napakalakas ng ulan I wanted to try cooking something healthy. Napunta, er nagpilit ako mag grocery. After hours in the slow cooker, Tinapon ko the whole pot. Sagwa ng lasa.

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